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       The teenage-prostitute population of Dallas TX has exploded. Thirteen-, fourteen- and fifteen-year-old girls are swarming throughout the metropolis, feeding off the sexual urges of Dallas' male population. They can be seen everywhere. On any given night, the city teems with hundreds of barely pubescent girls looking for scraps of human sexual misery. Nightclubs have experienced the worst outbreaks, and club patrons can often see several at a time of the nocturnal nymphets skittering across the floor.
       A special unit of the Dallas Police Department has been created to try to address this public-health hazard. A 13-year-old female middle-school student was recently arrested and charged with being the leader of a pack of similarly aged sex workers who had set their sights on the Club Metropolis near Love Field. "It's a really horrendous affair," said Dallas police Lt. Chess Williams. "There's a tremendous amount of money in all this, so there's a huge demand for young girls in the prostitution world." Police have decided that cutting off the prostitutes' source of nourishment would be more effective than trying to get rid of them. As long as the incentives remain, there will always be more young teen girls to take the places of the ones who have been caught. But if they no longer have a way to get money for performing sexual favors for the intimacy-starved men of Dallas, then the guttersnipes would go elsewhere, perhaps back to school or their home lives. And if club owners paid more attention to keeping their establishments clean it would also go a long way toward keeping the roving teen minxes out.
       Studies have shown that Dallas is not alone; the problem is growing in other American cities as well. A survey published in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections in August 2006 found that about 650,000 American teenagers have performed sex in exchange for money or drugs. This is an astonishing number, one that we feel would benefit from an in-depth probe. Getting to the bottom of the teenage-prostitute menace should be among our highest priorities
City of Dallas Infested with
Teen Prostitutes
April 1, 2008
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