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~Special Features~
David Berkowitz
A thoroughly messed up brain still leaves him enough wherewithal to successfully operate a .44 revolver.

Bonnie and Clyde
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway became stars. The real B&C became dead. Fair?

John Wilkes Booth
Imagine if Tom Cruise assassinated George W. Bush. We can!

Boston Strangler
Was he Albert DeSalvo? Whoever, he just wanted all the women to himself. For that he should have been executed if nothing else.

James J. "Whitey" Bulger
This murderous Mick played the Boston organized-crime rackets like a two-bit pennywhistle. On the lam since 1994, a $1,000,000 reward follows this FBI top-10 most-wanted fugitive wherever he goes.

Ted Bundy
The dashing Bundy had a choice to be a fashion model or a serial murderer. He chose the latter.

Al Capone
The OS (original scarface) plays Chicago like a cheap piano until syphilis and the tax man take their revenge.

Mark David Chapman
Everyone's a critic. Perhaps he should have started a zine and vented his opinions that way instead.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Took the playful game of parents everywhere to pretend eating their children too far. Received a severe headache as comeuppance.

John Dillinger
Aka, Rob Banks, goes on a tear until he's betrayed by the one he'd least suspect... a woman?

John Wayne Gacy
Would he have turned out differently had he been named Marion Morrison Gacy? Makes no difference now.

Ted Kaczynski
A mad bomber with flair, this Luddite is now spending his golden years in the comfort of a high-tech federal hotel.

David Koresh
Figured out you can do whatever you want--and get a large group to follow you--if you call it religion. For a while anyway.

Osama bin Laden
This CIA operative really learned his stuff, including his ability to remain at large... or is he?

Meyer Lansky
Poster boy for equal opportunity crime, Lansky is the Hank Greenberg of the rackets.

Lucky Luciano
Though resembling the dog "Lucky" from the famous joke, Luciano goes on to found the modern Mafia. And movie makers rejoice!

Charles Manson
Organized murderer with a sense of the theatric, this Hollywood-movie style villain could only have come from California.

Timothy McVeigh
As much as we at the Gazette enjoy explosions, the death toll here was perhaps a mite high to allow for true entertainment.

Baby Face Nelson
Didn't like being called "Baby Face." This was the least of his problems.

James Earl Ray
Southern gentleman stands up for the Dixie way of life. What could be wrong with that?

Susan Smith
Inhuman beast with a penchant for permanent baptism, Smith now spends her days as a big-house punching bag.

Richard Speck
His fetish for nurses got eight of them killed and him sentenced to 1200 years. But Speck brings the party with him to prison, growing breasts, and starring in an "Inmates Gone Wild" video.

Andrea Yates
It wasn't gin she was mixing up in that bathtub, but murder. "Abby Normal" now stares at walls in a Texas funny farm.
~Other Miscreants~