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    For that matter, repeal all victimless-crime penalties. But the tactics -- so reminiscent of the totalitarian Communist governments of the Soviet Union or Angola -- employed to deprive perfectly innocent drivers, who are steadfastly obeying all requirements in the operation of a moving vehicle, of their rights and liberties is akin to the witch hunts of yore. No crimes have been committed other than those dreamed up in the jealously vindictive minds of certain prosecutors. One may as well make it a crime to drive under the influence of a bad upbringing or a gastrically distracting jalapeno pepper.
    When a driver is the cause of an accident or recklessness, then and only then can it be said that yes, this driver is a clear menace to the safe navigation of the roadways. At that moment is when the criminal justice system needs to firmly engage and the penalties be swift and sure. The drunk driver who is the cause of such motoring mayhem needs to be taught how to better hold his drink. If he is the cause of an accident and he is over the current legal alcohol limits, his penalties should be quintupled. If it would ordinarily be a $200 fine for the traffic offense in question, his penalty would be $1,000. More serious offenses requiring jail time would be treated similarly. A six-month sentence would become two-and-a-half years for the drunk offender. Manslaughter-type offenses that might usually receive five years are now 25 years for the reckless person who decided to spoil an otherwise good time.
    This country was founded upon freedom. Depriving ones freedom before any injury has been done to society is not a tactic of the United States of America -- it is a tactic of the repulsed, disgraced and discarded foreign regimes of yesteryear. If our country chooses not to end up on the scrap heap with the likes of them, it must correct its errors in jurisprudence immediately!
Repeal All Drunk-Driving Laws Now!
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