Hitler Highlights and Fun Facts from Police Gazette Book Hitler Is Alive!

Only in the Police Gazette!

Subjects explored in the new book Hitler Is Alive!

-Eva Braun’s secret diary entries lament that her man is always away ruling the world and doesn’t have any time for her. But later entries reveal how when the cat’s away, the mice will play!

-Gisela Fleischer Hoser claimed to be Hitler’s daughter and told the Police Gazette, “I rather hope that my father is still alive and reads these lines to learn that his only daughter has married a Jew.”

-Argentina was perfect for escaping Nazis. A quarter million German immigrants already lived there and leader Juan Perón made no secret that he welcomed former members of the Reich whose European welcome had worn out.

-The Soviet Union gave more support and direction to the Socialist Reich Party, the successor to the Nazi party in post-war Germany, than to the West German Communist Party. Why? Only the Police Gazette knows!

-Letters between Hitler and Mussolini unintentionally reveal Hitler’s real reason for not throwing a full assault against Great Britain and ending the war in Western Europe. They show Mussolini being led by the nose by a master manipulator.

-Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger, developed a procedure called the “silk-cord operation” that could temporarily paralyze parts of the human brain. Did he use it on Der Fuehrer before his escape from Berlin?

-The Police Gazette‘s last Hitler-Is-Alive report in May of 1972 says it is “sending one of its top investigative reporters to find out” if Hitler is still at his “heavily guarded fortress in a remote region of Patagonia” and to “be on the lookout for this important article.” The reporter was never heard from again….

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