Rave Reviews for Hitler Is Alive!

Open Road Media and Mysterious Press have teamed to release Hitler Is Alive!, a Police Gazette collection edited by Steven A. Westlake, head of the company that manages this website and all things Police Gazette.

Already the verdict is in. And Hitler Is Alive! is a winner. Read these pre-release reviews:

From Booklist, the leading trade journal for libraries and booksellers:
“Editor Westlake joyously collects a cavalcade of these breathless accounts, filed by intrepid deep-cover reporters, of Hitler’s Antarctic compound; sexually frustrated Eva Braun’s obtained diaries; and the clandestine documents, X-rays, and blood analyses that prove Hitler’s corpse wasn’t Hitler’s corpse (or that Hitler had children, or that Hitler was secretly a Jew, or . . . well, you get the idea). Ridiculous alt-history fun.”
—Daniel Kraus

From Amazon Vine Voice (averaging 4 out of 5 stars):
“A great read.”
—Jerry Saperstein, Hall of Fame Reviewer

“Highly recommended for conspiracy theory buffs.”
—Kilgore Gagarin, Top 500 Reviewer

“The writing is superb. Pulpy yes, but stylistically solid. Therein lies the true enjoyment in this fascinating piece of period journalism. The articles are so well written that a reader is compelled to follow along in the story with very little effort. Masterfully edited with original illustrations and great story selection so you can also enjoy it as an interesting work of alternative history speculative fiction. I’m very enthusiastic about a collection like this.”
—Dirk Drudgler, Top 1000 Reviewer

“Better written [than the National Enquirer] and more entertaining. If you are interested in gonzo history and conspiracy or just want to read some great, outlandish ‘history,’ this book fits the bill.”
—Kevin Fontenot

“There is such a draw to the content, you almost want to believe what you are reading. It is interesting to see tabloid writing collected and treated like a cultural artifact, which it definitely is.”
—Bryan Newman

“This is an interesting and meaty collection of the theories that are still being floated on the subject. Regardless of how you view the actual possibility that Hitler lived on, it’s a fun and hugely entertaining read.”
—Lauri Crumley Coates

“Worth reading through and thankfully it is a big lark, or is it?”
—Narut Ujnat

From GoodReads, world’s largest site for book recommendations:
“Believable in the way the X-Files is believable or that a congressman will believe and quote ‘The Onion’ as a source. A fun romp through a history that never was.”
—Joseph (evilcyclist)

All the original articles from this granddaddy of all conspiracy theories, plus new commentary and analysis that’s sure to entertain as well as inform. Go here to see Hitler Highlights and Fun Facts covered in the book.

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