Kimbo Slice Dies, June 11th Event Postponed!

Full Statement from Scott Burt, President of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame

The bare-knuckle boxing event scheduled for June 11th in Miami, FL, has been postponed. Here is the official statement from President Scott Burt of the BKBHOF:

We at the BKBHOF were shocked to hear of the loss of the second pugilistic icon in a week. First Muhammad Ali and now, late last night, Kimbo Slice. Kimbo literally fought his way to stardom, becoming … Continue reading

Harbo & Samuelsen Day: Stein Hoff’s Latest Report

Today’s report from Atlantic Ocean rower Stein Hoff, who, at 70, hopes to become the oldest ever to row across an ocean—following in the path of the first ever to do so:

Day 23, Monday 6th June. On this day, 120 years ago, Georg Harbo, 30, and “Frank” (Gabriel) Samuelsen, 26, started their row towards Europe. Their boat was an 18.5-foot open fishing boat—a dory—similar to the boats they used when fishing and clamming off Sandy Hook. … Continue reading

Announcing Ticket and PPV Info for June 11th BKB Event

Tickets for the live event and pay-per-view for the June 11th bare-knuckle-boxing championships at Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in Miami, FL, are now available. World BKB Champion and holder of the Police Gazette-authorized championship belt Bobby Gunn will defend his title against Shannon Ritch in the main event. A full undercard is also included, with bouts featuring American BKB Champion Danny Batchelder, Rudy Morales, and Josh Burns vs Erik Leander.

Tickets for the live event … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Ocean Row Day 7

Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff continues his journey across the Atlantic. At 70, he hopes to be the oldest ever to row an ocean. Here’s his report from last night: “7th day. At sea anchor last 2 hours as wind increased from SE and it started raining. Started rowing 5 am. After a while I stopped for breakfast, noticing a current against me… I managed a total of 7.5 hours actual rowing, not much farther east, … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Tossed Overboard!

A report comes in this evening that Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff was thrown overboard by a large wave. He is back on-board and safe, but there was some minor damage and soaking. He reports that a “wave hit from starboard side, suddenly the boat is on its side and I in the water… The next hour I spent soaking wet securing items on deck better while getting the sea anchor ready and got it out … Continue reading

Oldest Ocean Rower Sets Off!

Seventy-year-old Norwegian Stein Hoff is making history the Police Gazette way. In 1896 the Gazette sponsored Norwegian immigrants George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen, the first people ever to row across an ocean. They called their boat the “Fox” after Police Gazette owner Richard K. Fox. On May 15th, Stein Hoff–to honor fellow countrymen Harbo & Samuelsen–rowed his boat, the “Fox II,” out of New York Harbor and is attempting to not only row the Atlantic solo, but … Continue reading

$100,000 Side Bet Added to June 11th Match!

Pro Bareknuckle Boxing Ready for Major Leagues

As the June 11th bareknuckle boxing event in Miami, FL, approaches, things are heating up and proving it’s NOT being put on by small-time amateurs. As evidence, Shannon Ritch, who will be facing champion Bobby Gunn for the Police Gazette-authorized World Bareknuckle Boxing Champion Belt, offered a side bet of $100,000–over and above the purse for which the boxers will be competing. And Bobby Gunn took no time to accept … Continue reading

Man to Row Across Atlantic in Path of Police Gazette-Sponsored First Voyage

Stein Hoff of Norway will set out in a rowboat on May 15th and row all the way from Manhattan to England. His trip is to honor the first people ever to row a boat across an ocean. Norwegian immigrants George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen, with sponsorship from the National Police Gazette, achieved the feat in 1896. They named their boat the “Fox” in honor of Police Gazette publisher Richard K. Fox. Stein Hoff has named his … Continue reading

Bobby Gunn to Defend World BKB Title vs Shannon Ritch on June 11th

They Each Issue Video Challenges

World bare-knuckle boxing (BKB) champion Bobby Gunn will defend his title against Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch in a sanctioned match June 11th in Miami, Florida. Bobby holds the Police Gazette-authorized World Bare Knuckle Boxing Championship Belt issued by the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame. Shannon Ritch is ranked third in the world on the Hall of Fame’s top BKB heavyweight contenders list first published by the Police Gazette. He has … Continue reading


Proudly and respectfully announced Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by Scott R. Burt, president of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame; Belfast, New York.

BobbyGunnBOBBY GUNN; USA, Hackensack, New Jersey (71-0, 71 KOs)
Holder of National Police Gazette-Authorized WORLD Championship Belt
Linear holder of the National … Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Boxing Top-10 Contender List to be Announced Wednesday

A press conference will be held Wednesday afternoon, March 23rd, at the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, PA, announcing the first top-10 contender lists for sanctioned bare knuckle boxing.

Appearing with world BKB champion Bobby Gunn will be Scott Burt, president of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame and issuer of championship belts, American BKB champion Danny Batchelder, and Steven Westlake, publisher of the National Police Gazette, the last organization to issue BKB championship belts.

Two … Continue reading

Closing the Squared Circle: The Return of Sanctioned Bare-Knuckle Boxing

“The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

T.S. Eliot probably was not referring to bare knuckle boxing when he wrote those words. But we do seem to find ourselves in that situation today.

Richard K. Fox took over the National Police Gazette in 1877 and soon began featuring boxing within the Gazette’s pages. This was prize fighting, by the London Prize Ring Rules. … Continue reading

Today’s Hitler Highlights

Only in the Police Gazette!

Subjects explored in the new book Hitler Is Alive!

-Eva Braun’s secret diary entries lament that her man is always away ruling the world and doesn’t have any time for her. But later entries reveal how when the cat’s away, the mice will play!

-Gisela Fleischer Hoser claimed to be Hitler’s daughter and told the Police Gazette, “I rather hope that my father is still alive and reads these lines to learn … Continue reading

Police Gazette Is 2016 Inductee to Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame

The letter below to National Police Gazette manager Steve Westlake from Scott Burt of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame speaks for itself:

Dear Steve,

In 1889 John L. Sullivan trained in our barns for the World’s last-ever Bare Knuckle Championship fight. He defeated Jake Kilrain in a 2 hour 15 minute slugfest that went 75 rounds outside in 104 degree weather. Sullivan was trained here for that fight by the famous wrestler and health guru … Continue reading

Rave Reviews for Hitler Is Alive!

Open Road Media and Mysterious Press have teamed to release Hitler Is Alive!, a Police Gazette collection edited by Steven A. Westlake, head of the company that manages this website and all things Police Gazette.

Already the verdict is in. And Hitler Is Alive! is a winner. Read these pre-release reviews:

From Booklist, the leading trade journal for libraries and booksellers
“Editor Westlake joyously collects a cavalcade of these breathless accounts, filed by intrepid deep-cover reporters, … Continue reading

130 Years of Greatness: A History of Police Gazette Pioneers

Pictured on this month’s cover are the four men most responsible for making and keeping the National Police Gazette an American institution for 130 years. All of them are pioneers and/or geniuses in the field of popular magazines, and all of them knew there was something about the Police Gazette in particular that made it worth the effort.
Cover_Dec15sm Continue reading