Could Mike Tyson Be in Line to Fight for the Police Gazette Belt?

For the past couple of months the internet rumor mill has been concocting a narrative that posits a return to the ring for Mike Tyson. But not in the way you might think. In the ring though he may be, this story has him not lacing up the gloves. He’d be going bare knuckle against Police Gazette-authorized world bare knuckle champion Bobby Gunn.

One would be wise to dismiss the assertions as fantasy, if there weren’t some … Continue reading

The Police Gazette in Charlotte

Our Reporter on the Ground in the North Carolina Hot Spot
Part 1
What Happened

The job of our police departments is to prevent and mitigate crisis situations. Yet here, we have another example of police creating a crisis situation where none existed or was going to exist.

Keith Scott was sitting in a vehicle he owned, parked at the apartment complex where he lived. With him were a handgun the police department … Continue reading

New Date to be Announced for Major BKB Event

Bobby Gunn to Defend Bare-Knuckle Championship in South Florida Next Month

To avoid conflict with today’s UFC 202 featuring the highly anticipated Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz match, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKF) and the major South Florida casino & hotel where the BKF event will take place have decided to move the event’s date originally scheduled for today.

When it comes off, this event will feature world bare-knuckle boxing champion Bobby Gunn defending his Police Gazette-authorized … Continue reading

Stein Hoff’s Rowing Attempt Comes to an End

Force-11 Storm Disables Fox II
Stein Rescued by Freighter Ludolf Oldendorff

Here are the events as they unfolded this past Saturday morning, as reported by Stein’s wife Diana:

08:00 UTC approx – Emergency signal received:
– Epirb emergency beacon activated. Position received by Norwegian rescue in Bodø.

10:35 UTC – Status:
– Epirb is active now since this morning. British Rescue are heading the rescue mission and have received a few additional positions.
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Challenges Fly Between U.S. and English BKB Figures

It started three days ago with a bombshell confession by American BKB referee Paul Tyler in which he claims Joe Brown of England’s UBBAD offered him money to send American boxers to England to throw fights and to come to England himself and publicly denounce BKB champ Bobby Gunn and BKF founder Dave Feldman.

Then yesterday, Bobby Gunn issued a challenge to UBBAD fighter James McCrory, claiming McCrory had been insulting him regularly … Continue reading

Conflict Heats Up Between U.S. and English BKB Outfits

American bare-knuckle-boxing referee Paul Tyler posted a video today leveling serious accusations against Joe Brown, the head of English BKB organization UBBAD. Tyler claims Brown contacted him recently and asked if Tyler thought he could get American BKB fighters Dan Biddle, Matt Cerro and others to come to England and throw fights for money. Biddle had previously beaten UBBAD fighter James McCrory by referee stoppage after severe cuts opened over McCrory’s eye. Tyler claims Brown … Continue reading

Backers Promise Worldwide Expansion for Bare-Knuckle Boxing

British businessmen Alfie Best and Terry Sabini have decided to go all in on a push to make bare-knuckle boxing (BKB) the next international sensation in combat sports. The plan is to work with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKF) here in the United States and then quickly expand to the United Kingdom and Russia.

Best, worth an estimated $300 million, has been nicknamed the “world’s richest Gypsy”—a reference to his Gypsy Traveller heritage. He’s been in the … Continue reading

Ocean Rower Stein Hoff Passes Halfway Point to England!

After a touch & go first half beset by frequent wind, current, and wave difficulties, Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff is safely past the halfway point on his trip from New York to England. Stein finally caught a significant stretch of favorable conditions and zoomed past the halfway longitude of -40.152° on July 21st. Having left New York on May 15th, it took him 68 days to hit the halfway mark. But all expectations are the … Continue reading

The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame Trophy

On July 9th, the National Police Gazette was formally inducted into the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame as the first and only publication from the original era. The impact the Police Gazette and its publisher Richard K. Fox had on the sport of boxing as a whole, and bare knuckle boxing in particular, cannot be overstated.

Pictured below is the Gazette‘s BKBHOF trophy, accepted by current publisher Steven Westlake. During his acceptance speech, Westlake said “If … Continue reading

New Date for BKB Event Announced at Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

First Major BKB Event Is August 20th in South Florida.
Police Gazette, Kimbo Slice, Danny Batchelder Inducted.

A packed house attended today’s Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Belfast, NY. The National Police Gazette was among this year’s inductees, and is the only publication to be inducted under the “original” category rather than “honorary” since—as with so many things—the Police Gazette started it all.

Also inducted were current American BKB champ … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Soldiers On

Oldest Ocean Rower Passes One Third Mark
Moves Past Site of Early Tragic Attempt

Police Gazette sponsee Stein Hoff has made it safely beyond the one third distance mark on his solo row from New York to England. The Police Gazette was the sole sponsor of the first successful people ever to row across an ocean when we partnered with George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen for their 1896 voyage. They named their boat the “Fox” … Continue reading

Police Gazette Bare Knuckle Boxing Souvenir Issue On Sale Now!

This special souvenir issue recalls some of the Gazette‘s original BKB coverage from the 1880s, as it segues into today’s BKB championship scene. It contains 16 packed pages, the same as the original Police Gazette. All pages are glossy, in full color. And it’s oversized at 11 inches wide.

Inside you’ll find John L. Sullivan, famed John L. Sullivan trainer William Muldoon, Jake Kilrain, the Police Gazette Diamond Heavyweight Champion belt, a complete reprint of the Gazette‘s … Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Boxing Rules Announced

Introducing the official bare knuckle rules to ensure fighter safety as a top priority, as well as fair play and sportsmanship.

Bare Knuckle Boxing is a stand-up fight, where the contestants use their fists only. There will be no kicking, kneeing, elbows, wrestling, throw downs, biting, or eye gouging. Fights under our rules will be contested in bare knuckles only, with protective wrapping allowed only on the lower hand and wrist areas. Fights will be contested in … Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships Comes Out Swinging Against Magazine Hit Job

An online article criticizing Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships, the organization behind next month’s bare-knuckle-championship event taking place in Florida, has elicited a reaction from BKFC. The organization’s official response says the article written by Chris Stokel-Walker of Newcastle, England, “made multiple false and misleading statements” and contained “misinformed and inaccurate reporting” regarding the event originally scheduled for June 11th.

In its response, BKFC indicates one possible motive for Stokel-Walker’s attack, telling the writer “you sing the praises … Continue reading

Kimbo Slice Dies, June 11th Event Postponed!

Full Statement from Scott Burt, President of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame

The bare-knuckle boxing event scheduled for June 11th in Miami, FL, has been postponed. Here is the official statement from President Scott Burt of the BKBHOF:

We at the BKBHOF were shocked to hear of the loss of the second pugilistic icon in a week. First Muhammad Ali and now, late last night, Kimbo Slice. Kimbo literally fought his way to stardom, becoming … Continue reading

Harbo & Samuelsen Day: Stein Hoff’s Latest Report

Today’s report from Atlantic Ocean rower Stein Hoff, who, at 70, hopes to become the oldest ever to row across an ocean—following in the path of the first ever to do so:

Day 23, Monday 6th June. On this day, 120 years ago, Georg Harbo, 30, and “Frank” (Gabriel) Samuelsen, 26, started their row towards Europe. Their boat was an 18.5-foot open fishing boat—a dory—similar to the boats they used when fishing and clamming off Sandy Hook. … Continue reading

Announcing Ticket and PPV Info for June 11th BKB Event

Tickets for the live event and pay-per-view for the June 11th bare-knuckle-boxing championships at Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in Miami, FL, are now available. World BKB Champion and holder of the Police Gazette-authorized championship belt Bobby Gunn will defend his title against Shannon Ritch in the main event. A full undercard is also included, with bouts featuring American BKB Champion Danny Batchelder, Rudy Morales, and Josh Burns vs Erik Leander.

Tickets for the live event … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Ocean Row Day 7

Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff continues his journey across the Atlantic. At 70, he hopes to be the oldest ever to row an ocean. Here’s his report from last night: “7th day. At sea anchor last 2 hours as wind increased from SE and it started raining. Started rowing 5 am. After a while I stopped for breakfast, noticing a current against me… I managed a total of 7.5 hours actual rowing, not much farther east, … Continue reading