Police Gazette Bare Knuckle Boxing Souvenir Issue On Sale Now!

This special souvenir issue recalls some of the Gazette‘s original BKB coverage from the 1880s, as it segues into today’s BKB championship scene. It contains 16 packed pages, the same as the original Police Gazette. All pages are glossy, in full color. And it’s oversized at 11 inches wide.

Inside you’ll find John L. Sullivan, famed John L. Sullivan trainer William Muldoon, Jake Kilrain, the Police Gazette Diamond Heavyweight Champion belt, a complete reprint of the Gazette‘s … Continue reading


Note: This is a “From the Morgue” reprint of a classic Police Gazette article. The Gazette‘s most famous location was in a building right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Both the bridge and the building opened in the same year, and this article reports on the event from the perspective of the Gazette’s “religious editor.” In the article the Brooklyn Bridge is referred to as the “great East River Bridge.”

June 16, 1883

On May 24, the … Continue reading