Thank You, Fans! Police Gazette Hits Highest Circulation Since 1976!

Since mid January, visits to PoliceGazette.US, the home of new editions of the National Police Gazette, have been averaging over 3,800 per week—more than 16,500 per month. As our most recent print edition reached perhaps 6,000 per month, these new numbers give the Police Gazette its best circulation since 1976! Thank you to all of our loyal fans, as well as new fans. And be sure to tell your friends!
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An Interview with Todd Robbins, World-Famous Magician and Sideshow Performer

Police Gazette fan and famed magician and entertainer Todd Robbins is looking to turn his Off-Broadway smash hit Play Dead into a television series. In collaboration with Teller of Penn & Teller, Robbins wrote and starred in the show, which recently had a successful run in Los Angeles. For more read the recent Los Angeles Times article.

The following exclusive interview with Todd originally appeared in the March 2013 print edition of the National Police … Continue reading

Jiu-Jitsu Fraud David Lang Kicked Out of Martial Arts Facility… But Has He Opened Somewhere Else?

Police Gazette Investigation Continues into Notorious Jiu-Jitsu Fraud and Phony War Hero
Droves of New Witnesses Emerge to Reveal Lang’s History of Dishonesty, Social Deviance, and Criminal Impersonation
The David Lang Saga, Part Two

By Briggs Seekins
In the week since the National Police Gazette broke our investigation into notorious Brazilian jiu-jitsu fraud and phony war hero David Lang, citizens of Cortland County, NY, have been contacting this writer multiple times every day, anxious … Continue reading

Mount Sinai Hospital Finally Made to Pay for Killing Famous Binghamton Playwright

Leonard Melfi Was Shining Star of Off-Broadway Theatre Movement
Police Gazette To Publish Book About Leonard’s Life and Strange Death Written by His Brother

In October 2011, the 10-year anniversary of the death of famed playwright Leonard Melfi, we began a nine-part series in the local Police Gazette print edition on the mysteries surrounding Leonard’s disappearance and demise. Even at that time, 10 years later, the lawsuit against the New York City hospital responsible for Leonard’s … Continue reading

Downtown-Binghamton Disaster Takes a Bright Turn

How does a construction project have an official groundbreaking and ribbon cutting on the same day? It could only happen in Binghamton, birthplace of The Twilight Zone….

ULoftsGroundbreaking2The (second) official groundbreaking for University Lofts on December 18th. Outgoing Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan is center; Stellar 83 Court LLC managing member Larry Gladstone is at … Continue reading

Paul Juser: My Only Friend, The End. Farewell to the City From Another Universe

I’ve never considered myself anything but a fiction writer. I had complete drafts of my first three novels before I was 23, and three more by the time I turned 27. Five of those are now online for your reading pleasure. But you’ll have to work hard to find more than The Salvation Shark, Dollars Per Hour, and Here in this Sorrow. I’ve done mostly shorter work since, numerous short stories, more than 100 poems, four produced … Continue reading

December 2013

Dec13_CoverThis Norman Rockwell painting (note the Police Gazette in the customer’s left hand) appeared on the cover of the September 26, 1936, Saturday Evening Post. A two-story-high reproduction also appears on the side of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Nashville, TN. A Rockwell painting titled “Saying Grace” sold December 4th at auction for $46 million, the most ever … Continue reading

A Gang of Ghouls

GhostHillGroupSome of the cast and crew for the upcoming local film production The House on Ghost Hill Road at the wrap party last month. In the lower left is Doug Bush, the film’s writer/producer. To his left is art & special effects director Kendra Baker (Kendra won the best make-up special effects awards at the Buffalo … Continue reading

Muscle and Mayhem, The Saginaw Kid and the Fistic World of the 1890s by Lauren D. Chouinard

saginaw-kid-book-coverA while back Lauren Chouinard of Eugene, OR, wrote us about researching the Police Gazette’s coverage of his cousin, former lightweight boxing champion George “Kid” Lavigne. Well, Lauren’s book is now finished and in stores. It’s already gotten a glowing writeup in the local Eugene newspaper, The Register-Guard, and doesn’t just describe the life of Kid … Continue reading


The Police Gazette is a legendary publication that originally ran for over 130 years and was the inspiration for much of what we take for granted in today’s popular culture. Playboy, Sports Illustrated, the National Enquirer, Guinness World Records, Life, Esquire, Maxim, Backstage, crime sheets like The Slammer, plus The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Howard Stern…. The list goes on; the Police Gazette did it first. So why call it the “National POLICE Gazette?” Because it also … Continue reading