She’s A Knockout: A History of Women in Fighting Sports

This brand new book by L.A. Jennings is one of the very few that provides a comprehensive history of women in combat sports. Not surprisingly, the Police Gazette was a valuable resource to L.A. during her research. In the acknowledgments section she pauses to “thank William Mays, National Police Gazette archivist, who had what seems to have been a delightful time searching this historic tome for female pugilists.” L.A. Jennings is an MMA fighter and instructor who … Continue reading

Official Archive of the National Police Gazette Comes Home

On November 2nd, the official archive of the National Police Gazette touched American soil for the first time in 46 years. Its first stop was the Alexandria Bay, NY, port of entry where the collection was welcomed with the puzzled yet compassionate expressions of customs officials. Eventually, the stamp hit the form and at 6:00pm on that dark fall evening, the archive was home.

The collection, consisting of 96 bound volumes—about 2,000 individual issues ranging from 1846 … Continue reading