Stein Hoff Gets Display at Ripley’s

The Fox II on Display at Home of Original Ocean Rower. 

In 1896, the Police Gazette sponsored the first people ever to successfully row a boat across an ocean. Last year we were a sponsor of Dr. Stein Hoff as he attempted to duplicate the feat of fellow countrymen George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen. Stein would have been, at 70, the oldest ever to make the row. But a violent storm stopped his progress about three quarters … Continue reading

Stein Hoff’s Boat Is Found!

The Fox II Had Been Missing Since His Rescue Last August.

On May 15th last year, Stein Hoff of Norway rowed a boat out of New York Harbor, intending to duplicate the trip made by fellow countrymen George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen 120 years earlier when they became the first people ever to row a boat across an ocean. Harbo and Samuelsen had been sponsored by the Police Gazette and named their boat the “Fox” after Gazette Continue reading

Help Stein Hoff Recover the Fox II!

Boat Named for Police Gazette Publisher Is Adrift Near Scotland
If Found, Will Be Displayed by Ripley’s

The boat that ocean rower Stein Hoff had attempted to row across the Atlantic has been drifting since August 6th, when a violent storm destroyed all of Stein’s oars, rudder, and sea anchor. The freighter Ludolf Oldendorff rescued Stein, but they were not able to fetch his boat.

Stein had been attempting to duplicate the feat of fellow … Continue reading

Stein Hoff’s Rowing Attempt Comes to an End

Force-11 Storm Disables Fox II
Stein Rescued by Freighter Ludolf Oldendorff

Here are the events as they unfolded this past Saturday morning, as reported by Stein’s wife Diana:

08:00 UTC approx – Emergency signal received:
– Epirb emergency beacon activated. Position received by Norwegian rescue in Bodø.

10:35 UTC – Status:
– Epirb is active now since this morning. British Rescue are heading the rescue mission and have received a few additional positions.
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Ocean Rower Stein Hoff Passes Halfway Point to England!

After a touch & go first half beset by frequent wind, current, and wave difficulties, Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff is safely past the halfway point on his trip from New York to England. Stein finally caught a significant stretch of favorable conditions and zoomed past the halfway longitude of -40.152° on July 21st. Having left New York on May 15th, it took him 68 days to hit the halfway mark. But all expectations are the … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Soldiers On

Oldest Ocean Rower Passes One Third Mark
Moves Past Site of Early Tragic Attempt

Police Gazette sponsee Stein Hoff has made it safely beyond the one third distance mark on his solo row from New York to England. The Police Gazette was the sole sponsor of the first successful people ever to row across an ocean when we partnered with George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen for their 1896 voyage. They named their boat the “Fox” … Continue reading

Harbo & Samuelsen Day: Stein Hoff’s Latest Report

Today’s report from Atlantic Ocean rower Stein Hoff, who, at 70, hopes to become the oldest ever to row across an ocean—following in the path of the first ever to do so:

Day 23, Monday 6th June. On this day, 120 years ago, Georg Harbo, 30, and “Frank” (Gabriel) Samuelsen, 26, started their row towards Europe. Their boat was an 18.5-foot open fishing boat—a dory—similar to the boats they used when fishing and clamming off Sandy Hook. … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Ocean Row Day 7

Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff continues his journey across the Atlantic. At 70, he hopes to be the oldest ever to row an ocean. Here’s his report from last night: “7th day. At sea anchor last 2 hours as wind increased from SE and it started raining. Started rowing 5 am. After a while I stopped for breakfast, noticing a current against me… I managed a total of 7.5 hours actual rowing, not much farther east, … Continue reading

Stein Hoff Tossed Overboard!

A report comes in this evening that Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff was thrown overboard by a large wave. He is back on-board and safe, but there was some minor damage and soaking. He reports that a “wave hit from starboard side, suddenly the boat is on its side and I in the water… The next hour I spent soaking wet securing items on deck better while getting the sea anchor ready and got it out … Continue reading

Oldest Ocean Rower Sets Off!

Seventy-year-old Norwegian Stein Hoff is making history the Police Gazette way. In 1896 the Gazette sponsored Norwegian immigrants George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen, the first people ever to row across an ocean. They called their boat the “Fox” after Police Gazette owner Richard K. Fox. On May 15th, Stein Hoff–to honor fellow countrymen Harbo & Samuelsen–rowed his boat, the “Fox II,” out of New York Harbor and is attempting to not only row the Atlantic solo, but … Continue reading