Can You Go To The Note?

Open Auditions for Binghamton-Area Singing Competition

WJOB 93.3 FM presents Can You Go To The Note? The highest-caliber singing competition in the region’s history! Open auditions go for three days beginning on Tuesday, March 18th, 7:00pm at the Bundy Museum Annex, 129 Main St, Binghamton. On March 19th at 7:00pm, the event moves to the Undergrounds Coffeehouse at Binghamton University. The first round wraps up Thursday, March 20th, 11:00am at the SUNY-Broome cafeteria.

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An Interview with Todd Robbins, World-Famous Magician and Sideshow Performer

Police Gazette fan and famed magician and entertainer Todd Robbins is looking to turn his Off-Broadway smash hit Play Dead into a television series. In collaboration with Teller of Penn & Teller, Robbins wrote and starred in the show, which recently had a successful run in Los Angeles. For more read the recent Los Angeles Times article.

The following exclusive interview with Todd originally appeared in the March 2013 print edition of the National Police … Continue reading


The hour was late when comedian Kevin Salisbury agreed to do this interview. His only condition was that I bring him to Kennedy Fried Chicken prior to spilling his guts in front of my wife Sara’s iPhone.

Kevin keeps his apartment around 100 degrees and remarkably clean.

DR: Thanks for inviting us to your place and doing this interview on such short notice.
KS: It’s ok. This is just where I jerk off during work hours.

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Ozone in the AM: Huetensil and MOBDAY

Greetings fellow Zoners! Hope everyone is well! A ton of great music happened this past month! I’d like to once again invite you out to see some of the amazing local talent playing right here in the Southern Tier, weekly. If I hear someone, local or non-resident, say “There’s no music scene around here” once more I swear to God I’ll puke! Do us all a favor and get out to see some bands! Your homework this … Continue reading

Dave Rice: “Sound Advice”

The last time I saw Jamie Wellwarth he had a huge duffel bag brimming to the top with Shure microphones. He dropped by my studio during one of his surprise visits back to Binghamton. While I was busy drooling over the plethora of sick condenser mics, Jamie received a phone call and walked outside to answer it. “That was Hank III”, he said upon returning. “He wanted me to run sound on his next tour.” Jamie turned … Continue reading

Tim “Crow” O’Hearn and Heather Black Host New Internet Radio Show

“Music, Movies & Mayhem” hosted by Heather Black and Tim “Crow” O’Hearn focuses on rock, heavy metal, and the film industry. The show airs each Friday at 6:00pm Eastern Time on the Philly Rock Radio Network. Heather is a veteran radio DJ, while Crow has been seen in several movies and TV shows, including the upcoming I Am Horror production The House on Ghost Hill Road. He also plays drums in Devilock, a Misfits tribute … Continue reading

Ozone in the AM: Krooked Knuckles

Krooked1Greetings fellow Zoners! Hope you and your families are well! There were a ton of great local bands here in the last month since we chatted. I hope you got a chance to get out and see some of our great local talents! Our local music scene is happening right now, and a majority of the … Continue reading

Dave Rice: “Schooled”

As I glance out the window at a passing school bus from the desk of my office I thank God even after all these years that I’m not on it. Besides the occasional nightmare, my experience with all things scholastic has slowed almost to a standstill. However, I take solace in knowing there are those within the education system who help free the mind instead of reducing it to an entropic worm-infested hollow.
As evidence I … Continue reading