Police Gazette Publishes New Plays by Famed Off-Broadway Playwright Leonard Melfi

Also Contains Shocking Details of Leonard’s Mysterious Death and Disappearance.

Two plays by world-renowned Off-Broadway playwright Leonard Melfi have just been published for the first time. The Violinist is the last play Leonard ever completed. It’s full length, just as stunning as any of his earlier works, and also one of his most autobiographical. “The Son of Redhead” is a mesmerizing one-act tragicomedy Leonard wrote in the 1980s. But he gave away his only copy and never … Continue reading

Hunting Hitler Picks Up Where the Police Gazette Left Off!

History Channel Series Is a Smash Hit!

The season-2 premiere this past Tuesday of Hunting Hitler gathered an audience of nearly 1.5 million viewers, beating the Tuesday numbers of both Conan and The Daily Show, and in the same time slot beating Spike TV’s Ink Master, Comedy Central’s Tosh.O, and Investigation Discovery’s Married With Secrets, while practically tying USA’s Shooter and HGTV’s House Hunters. Outside of cable, the show even virtually tied Fox’s Scream Queens. So the … Continue reading

Police Gazette Behind the Scenes with Muhammad Ali

Was Ali Given the Police Gazette Champion Belt in 1974?

In recent years when sports figures won the big event they’d proclaim “I’m going to Disneyland!” When Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” on October 30, 1974, to regain the world heavyweight championship, he must have said “I’m going to the Police Gazette!” Because right after his victory he sat down for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Police Gazette bigs, … Continue reading

Today’s Hitler Highlights

Only in the Police Gazette!

Subjects explored in the new book Hitler Is Alive!

-Eva Braun’s secret diary entries lament that her man is always away ruling the world and doesn’t have any time for her. But later entries reveal how when the cat’s away, the mice will play!

-Gisela Fleischer Hoser claimed to be Hitler’s daughter and told the Police Gazette, “I rather hope that my father is still alive and reads these lines to learn … Continue reading

Rave Reviews for Hitler Is Alive!

Open Road Media and Mysterious Press have teamed to release Hitler Is Alive!, a Police Gazette collection edited by Steven A. Westlake, head of the company that manages this website and all things Police Gazette.

Already the verdict is in. And Hitler Is Alive! is a winner. Read these pre-release reviews:

From Booklist, the leading trade journal for libraries and booksellers
“Editor Westlake joyously collects a cavalcade of these breathless accounts, filed by intrepid deep-cover reporters, … Continue reading

House on Ghost Hill Road Premieres!

Update: Due to an unexpected technical problem (no, the Super-8 projector didn’t break, smartasses), the world premiere of House on Ghost Hill Road needs to be postponed. A new date will be announced soon.

House on Ghost Hill Road is the tale of paranormal investigators who go to the legendary “house on Ghost Hill Road” in search of paranormal adventures, but end up finding an evil more horrific than they could have ever imagined. It is the … Continue reading

Paul Juser: Knowledge Without Mileage Is Bullshit

Graduation Season starts this month! My line of work takes me through a lot of graduations. I’m there to document this most important moment in a student’s life. I watch the promenades, I listen to the band, and I hear the speeches. I’m sorry if I’m breaking this for you, every last one is the same.

Principals and educators tearfully encouraging the pompous brats they never have to see again, teachers recount a few amusing anecdotes and … Continue reading

Heavyweight Boxing Champ and Binghamton Native Jack Sharkey Subject of New Biography

Jack Sharkey: A Heavyweight Champion’s Untold Story by James Curl

When Jack Sharkey retired in 1936 after twelve years of boxing, he had carved out a career that was both exciting and controversial. But, despite having been the world heavyweight champion and enormously popular, sadly he is almost completely forgotten today… until now.

In this book you will follow Jack Sharkey from his days as a teenage runaway and sailor to world heavyweight champion and … Continue reading

She’s A Knockout: A History of Women in Fighting Sports

This brand new book by L.A. Jennings is one of the very few that provides a comprehensive history of women in combat sports. Not surprisingly, the Police Gazette was a valuable resource to L.A. during her research. In the acknowledgments section she pauses to “thank William Mays, National Police Gazette archivist, who had what seems to have been a delightful time searching this historic tome for female pugilists.” L.A. Jennings is an MMA fighter and instructor who … Continue reading

Paul Juser: The King Slasher

Blairstown, NJ, is roughly half an hour from the Pennsylvania border off I-80. From my home in Upstate NY, the trip is just under two hours depending on potholes and construction in Scranton. It’s a tiny town accessible by long country roads. The downtown streets are barely wide enough for two cars to pass, and the buildings have remained unchanged for years. Blairstown is the kind of place a person goes to not be found, a town … Continue reading

Paul Juser: Groundhog Day 2014—In Memory of Egon

Every year, Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of Prognosticators, is given a drink of magic elixir that gives him an additional seven years of life. This is how a mild-mannered groundhog has been able to continue living and predicting 128 years of weather. To the Creationists in the audience, this will sound like damn good science. But it’s sure to raise an eyebrow for the rest of us.

Your average groundhog, also known as woodchucks, ground … Continue reading

An Interview with Todd Robbins, World-Famous Magician and Sideshow Performer

Police Gazette fan and famed magician and entertainer Todd Robbins is looking to turn his Off-Broadway smash hit Play Dead into a television series. In collaboration with Teller of Penn & Teller, Robbins wrote and starred in the show, which recently had a successful run in Los Angeles. For more read the recent Los Angeles Times article.

The following exclusive interview with Todd originally appeared in the March 2013 print edition of the National Police … Continue reading

Mount Sinai Hospital Finally Made to Pay for Killing Famous Binghamton Playwright

Leonard Melfi Was Shining Star of Off-Broadway Theatre Movement
Police Gazette To Publish Book About Leonard’s Life and Strange Death Written by His Brother

In October 2011, the 10-year anniversary of the death of famed playwright Leonard Melfi, we began a nine-part series in the local Police Gazette print edition on the mysteries surrounding Leonard’s disappearance and demise. Even at that time, 10 years later, the lawsuit against the New York City hospital responsible for Leonard’s … Continue reading