Aljamain Sterling and Anthony Leone Gearing Up for Major Fights

By Briggs Seekins
Two MMA fighters with strong Southern Tier connections are preparing to step into the cage for the biggest fights of their careers in the weeks ahead. This weekend on the undercard for UFC 170, 8-0 Aljamain Sterling will make his big league MMA debut against 8-3 Cody Gibson. And on March 7, tough veteran Anthony Leone makes a bid to become a world champion when he faces Bellator featherweight champ Eduardo Dantas.

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Briggs Seekins: Southern Tier Fighters Set to Compete in International Tournament

While back-room political shenanigans continue to keep New York as the only state in America where professional MMA is banned, the amateur side of the sport is flourishing. In one of the most exciting developments yet for local fighters and fans, Gladius Promotions announced on January 28 the formation of an all-star team comprised of Gladius and Art of Combat veterans from around the state who will compete in nationally televised cards with the chance to move … Continue reading

Jiu-Jitsu Fraud David Lang Kicked Out of Martial Arts Facility… But Has He Opened Somewhere Else?

Police Gazette Investigation Continues into Notorious Jiu-Jitsu Fraud and Phony War Hero
Droves of New Witnesses Emerge to Reveal Lang’s History of Dishonesty, Social Deviance, and Criminal Impersonation
The David Lang Saga, Part Two

By Briggs Seekins
In the week since the National Police Gazette broke our investigation into notorious Brazilian jiu-jitsu fraud and phony war hero David Lang, citizens of Cortland County, NY, have been contacting this writer multiple times every day, anxious … Continue reading

Mount Sinai Hospital Finally Made to Pay for Killing Famous Binghamton Playwright

Leonard Melfi Was Shining Star of Off-Broadway Theatre Movement
Police Gazette To Publish Book About Leonard’s Life and Strange Death Written by His Brother

In October 2011, the 10-year anniversary of the death of famed playwright Leonard Melfi, we began a nine-part series in the local Police Gazette print edition on the mysteries surrounding Leonard’s disappearance and demise. Even at that time, 10 years later, the lawsuit against the New York City hospital responsible for Leonard’s … Continue reading

Police Gazette Investigation Uncovers Notorious Jiu-Jitsu Fraud and Phony War Hero David Lang Operating in Cortland, New York

Cortland Citizens Have Their Trust Betrayed and Pockets Picked!
Well-Known Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Conned!
Scam Involves Oregon State Prison Inmate Serving Time for Sexual Assault of a Minor!
The Investigation and Its Quickly Developing Results!

By Briggs Seekins
In a story that is still developing, this writer has uncovered evidence that David Lang (aka David Lang Da Silva) of McGraw, NY—nationally known as a notorious fraud—has been uncovered once more operating … Continue reading

Downtown-Binghamton Disaster Takes a Bright Turn

How does a construction project have an official groundbreaking and ribbon cutting on the same day? It could only happen in Binghamton, birthplace of The Twilight Zone….

ULoftsGroundbreaking2The (second) official groundbreaking for University Lofts on December 18th. Outgoing Binghamton mayor Matt Ryan is center; Stellar 83 Court LLC managing member Larry Gladstone is at … Continue reading

Briggs Seekins: Gladius VIII Live Fight Card Report

Henry_and_DiSalvoAlex Henry, left, and Joey DiSalvo defended their Gladius welterweight and middleweight championships, respectively, in two of Gladius VIII’s finest bouts. (Photo courtesy of Gladius Fights)

Despite the ongoing persecution of professional mixed martial arts by Sheldon Silver and the New York State Assembly, the amateur portion of the sport continues to thrive. The major player for this … Continue reading

Briggs Seekins: Jon Jones’s Boxing Coach, Patrick O’Connor, a Special Talent with the Paint Brush Too

Although Jon Jones is now associated with the elite Jackson MMA team in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Southern Tier fight fans are proudly aware that the UFC light heavyweight champion’s roots are based here in the Binghamton-Ithaca area. And when training for his most recent title defense last September against Alex Gustafsson, Jones reunited with one of his earliest striking coaches, long-time Ithaca boxing trainer Patrick O’Connor.

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The hour was late when comedian Kevin Salisbury agreed to do this interview. His only condition was that I bring him to Kennedy Fried Chicken prior to spilling his guts in front of my wife Sara’s iPhone.

Kevin keeps his apartment around 100 degrees and remarkably clean.

DR: Thanks for inviting us to your place and doing this interview on such short notice.
KS: It’s ok. This is just where I jerk off during work hours.

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Paul Juser: My Only Friend, The End. Farewell to the City From Another Universe

I’ve never considered myself anything but a fiction writer. I had complete drafts of my first three novels before I was 23, and three more by the time I turned 27. Five of those are now online for your reading pleasure. But you’ll have to work hard to find more than The Salvation Shark, Dollars Per Hour, and Here in this Sorrow. I’ve done mostly shorter work since, numerous short stories, more than 100 poems, four produced … Continue reading

A Gang of Ghouls

GhostHillGroupSome of the cast and crew for the upcoming local film production The House on Ghost Hill Road at the wrap party last month. In the lower left is Doug Bush, the film’s writer/producer. To his left is art & special effects director Kendra Baker (Kendra won the best make-up special effects awards at the Buffalo … Continue reading

TINY NAZIS! The True Story of the Ruler of Binghamton City Hall’s 2nd Floor!

The elevator doors open onto the second floor of Binghamton City Hall and reveal what was once intended to be the building’s grand public entrance, but today looks more like the set from a 1970s Charlton Heston post-apocalypse movie. The designers and builders of the government complex that includes City Hall were nothing if not incompetent, and problems began almost from the moment it opened. The complex’s most famous disaster was the 1981 explosion of a transformer … Continue reading

Paul Juser: Disco Inferno!

By the time you read this, Rich David will be the impending mayor of Binghamton. He and Teri Rennia both ran campaigns that stunk of corruption and ill-gotten favors. It’s not speculation to say we’d be better off if David lost. But we’d be in the same rotten boat slowly taking water. The next four years for Binghamton will be awful, but no less awful than if Teri Rennia were to be taking over the Party Mayor’s … Continue reading

Briggs Seekins: National Champion Ricardo Gomez to Headline Gladius VIII Card

On December 7, Gladius Fights Promotion will return to their Ithaca headquarters to present another live card of high-quality amateur MMA action at the Ultimate Athletics Gym in the Pyramid Mall. Headlining the card will be 2013 Ithaca College graduate and Division III national wrestling champion Ricardo Gomez.

A national championship level wrestler starts out with a major head start when picking up the sport of mixed-martial-arts fighting. Of all the independent arts and sports that come … Continue reading