Rolling Stone Catches Tyson Fury, and Boxing, in Midst of a 1st-Step Crisis

Rolling Stone magazine published a brand-new interview with boxing champion Tyson Fury online today in which writer Stayton Bonner catches the champ directly in the middle of a first-step crisis. As a result, the interview is more disturbing than revealing.

For those unfamiliar, a first-step experience is that moment when one comes to the deep realization that they are in gravely serious trouble and there’s nothing they can do about it on their own. The realization makes for a commitment to seek assistance, but usually does little or nothing to give the person clear insight into their future plans and goals.

So what we have in this interview is the portrait of a mind set adrift—like Stein Hoff’s boat—not knowing quite yet if it will be rescued or end up smashing against the rocks. Of course, we at the Police Gazette hope the former and are pulling for the champ.

But on a related note, Fury says one of the things that pushed him over the edge was the pervasive corruption that exists in pro boxing. Of course, anyone can see it. But one would have to live through it as Tyson Fury has to really feel the crush of it.

There’s a reason why professional gloved boxing in the United States is a whisper of its former self. Any good business person can tell you, one of the sure ways to kill a business is to let corruption reign unchecked.

Pro boxing is an unholy mess and nobody cares. Without even getting into details, all you have to do is see there is not one, but four major sanctioning bodies—WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO—plus an equal number of second-tier organizations. A fan who wants to know who could be considered an actual world champion has to consult The Ring magazine for their take. But, of course, their picks are not the “official” word.

The sport might as well be back where it was when there were no sanctioning bodies at all, and it was the National Police Gazette that determined who the champions were. Since there’s no end in sight to this nonsense, and because of recent medical evidence comparing the two, we can confidently pronounce gloved boxing is dead; long live bare knuckle!

After Tyson Fury takes some time, and has time to consider what he wants to do, he might want to save his health and sanity and join the professional BKB operation forming in the United States, where true champions will be rewarded.


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