Help Stein Hoff Recover the Fox II!

Boat Named for Police Gazette Publisher Is Adrift Near Scotland
If Found, Will Be Displayed by Ripley’s

The boat that ocean rower Stein Hoff had attempted to row across the Atlantic has been drifting since August 6th, when a violent storm destroyed all of Stein’s oars, rudder, and sea anchor. The freighter Ludolf Oldendorff rescued Stein, but they were not able to fetch his boat.

Stein had been attempting to duplicate the feat of fellow Norwegians Harbo and Samuelsen, who were the first people ever to row across an ocean. Harbo and Samuelsen had been sponsored by the National Police Gazette and its publisher Richard K. Fox. The two named their boat “Fox” in his honor, and Stein Hoff named his “Fox II” after theirs.

Following Stein’s rescue, Fox II’s GPS beacon continued transmitting, so there was hope it could be followed until such time it came within range to pick up. But its battery finally died three days ago on September 28th. As the boat had been drifting generally northeast, it’s estimated as of October 1st the Fox II is likely near the Outer Hebrides in northwestern Scotland.

If you are a seafaring person in this area or know a seafaring person in this area, please help find the Fox II! If recovered, Ripley’s Believe It or Not has promised to display the boat in one of their museums.

fox-iiThe Fox II before departing New York City.

hoffpgonboatThe Fox II can be recognized by the Police Gazette sticker on her stern.

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