Could Mike Tyson Be in Line to Fight for the Police Gazette Belt?

For the past couple of months the internet rumor mill has been concocting a narrative that posits a return to the ring for Mike Tyson. But not in the way you might think. In the ring though he may be, this story has him not lacing up the gloves. He’d be going bare knuckle against Police Gazette-authorized world bare knuckle champion Bobby Gunn.

One would be wise to dismiss the assertions as fantasy, if there weren’t some … Continue reading

The Police Gazette in Charlotte

Our Reporter on the Ground in the North Carolina Hot Spot
Part 1
What Happened

The job of our police departments is to prevent and mitigate crisis situations. Yet here, we have another example of police creating a crisis situation where none existed or was going to exist.

Keith Scott was sitting in a vehicle he owned, parked at the apartment complex where he lived. With him were a handgun the police department … Continue reading