Challenges Fly Between U.S. and English BKB Figures

It started three days ago with a bombshell confession by American BKB referee Paul Tyler in which he claims Joe Brown of England’s UBBAD offered him money to send American boxers to England to throw fights and to come to England himself and publicly denounce BKB champ Bobby Gunn and BKF founder Dave Feldman.

Then yesterday, Bobby Gunn issued a challenge to UBBAD fighter James McCrory, claiming McCrory had been insulting him regularly in social media over the past year. Gunn said his backer Alfie Best would put up £100,000 for the winner. Today, Jim Dove of UBBAD replied to Gunn’s challenge by saying McCrory was retired, but that they’d gladly have Gunn fight their middleweight champion Jimmy Sweeney.

Mystery is surrounding McCrory’s retirement. He had been a top fighter for UBBAD before announcing his retirement a few months ago. However, as recently as July 31st McCrory had been declaring he was out of retirement and in training for an upcoming bout. But shortly after Bobby Gunn issued his challenge, McCrory deleted the pages from his Facebook page, “James mccrory bkb,” that contained info about this upcoming fight.

McCrory did comment on our Facebook post about Gunn’s challenge, saying “Ive done 1week trsining in 3years,” to which we replied “How long do you need to get ready?” We’ve not yet received a reply.

So the back & forth continues. In the meantime, Bobby Gunn will be defending his World BKB Championship against Shannon Ritch on August 20th in Miami, Florida.

McCroryTweetA few hints of James McCrory’s un-retirement remain on his Twitter page, though all details have been deleted from his Facebook page. However, this post still appears on the page of Leighton Brady, owner of Toe 2 Toe Knockout Boxing & MMA Academy in Coventry, UK:


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