Conflict Heats Up Between U.S. and English BKB Outfits

American bare-knuckle-boxing referee Paul Tyler posted a video today leveling serious accusations against Joe Brown, the head of English BKB organization UBBAD. Tyler claims Brown contacted him recently and asked if Tyler thought he could get American BKB fighters Dan Biddle, Matt Cerro and others to come to England and throw fights for money. Biddle had previously beaten UBBAD fighter James McCrory by referee stoppage after severe cuts opened over McCrory’s eye. Tyler claims Brown asked him how much money it would take for Biddle to come to England and “do the right thing for McCrory. Take a dive.”

Tyler goes on to claim Brown offered money directly to him as well in exchange for coming to England and announcing publicly that world BKB champ Bobby Gunn won his fights due to fixes. Tyler says Brown referred to Gunn as a “Gypsy pikey traveling c**t,” which is a very derogatory reference to Gunn’s Gypsy Traveller heritage. He says Brown also asked if Tyler would make negative claims about Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKF) head David Feldman. BKF is the top American BKB organization and is putting on the August 20th event in Miami, Florida.

Tyler says in his video he has never witnessed or heard any evidence of any fixed or thrown fights involving Bobby Gunn or David Feldman. Tyler does say, however, he knows that American BKB fighter Corey Williams went to England and threw fights against UBBAD boxers.

Bobby Gunn has confirmed the Paul Tyler who appears in the video is an actual BKB referee. Gunn said if his accusations are true they reveal Joe Brown and others at UBBAD as the “lowest of the low.” Clearly there is no love lost between the American and English organizations. UBBAD has already had surrogates publish articles criticizing BKF using false rumors, inaccuracies, and plagiarism. One day the two outfits are sure to settle their differences the only way they can be settled: in the ring.

PaulTylerPaul Tyler discusses his accusations in his video

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