Ocean Rower Stein Hoff Passes Halfway Point to England!

After a touch & go first half beset by frequent wind, current, and wave difficulties, Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff is safely past the halfway point on his trip from New York to England. Stein finally caught a significant stretch of favorable conditions and zoomed past the halfway longitude of -40.152° on July 21st. Having left New York on May 15th, it took him 68 days to hit the halfway mark. But all expectations are the going will be much smoother the second half. He’s well past all North American land masses, including the continental shelf, and should have the strong Gulf Stream helping him the rest of the way.

Stein is duplicating the voyage of fellow Norwegians Harbo & Samuelsen, who were solely sponsored by the Police Gazette and were the first people ever to row a boat across an ocean. They named their boat the “Fox” after the Gazette‘s publisher; Stein has named his boat the “Fox II.” Here is his report from today:

Day 71, evening. Sat and rowed through two heavy showers and almost felt sorry for myself… Had to remind myself what my mother, Eli, always commented: “Du gjør det frivillig!” (You do it out of your own free will!) Basic outfit is Goretex hooded jacket and trousers, but to protect shoes and socks and lower legs I put yellow oilskin trousers outside. Since 3 pm wind direction went from SSW to WSW and that improved rowing and direction a lot. Much less bangs and sprays to starboard. No contrary winds in the forecast. That means Mid-Atlantic Ridge/Trench before August 1st! Then only 900 nautical miles left. Now some supper!

Stein7-24Stein Hoff’s location on July 24th.

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