Police Gazette Bare Knuckle Boxing Souvenir Issue On Sale Now!

This special souvenir issue recalls some of the Gazette‘s original BKB coverage from the 1880s, as it segues into today’s BKB championship scene. It contains 16 packed pages, the same as the original Police Gazette. All pages are glossy, in full color. And it’s oversized at 11 inches wide.

Inside you’ll find John L. Sullivan, famed John L. Sullivan trainer William Muldoon, Jake Kilrain, the Police Gazette Diamond Heavyweight Champion belt, a complete reprint of the Gazette‘s original articles and illustrations from the last BKB world championship between Sullivan and Kilrain, female boxing champ Hattie Stewart, 2016 BKB Hall of Fame inductee Arthur Chambers, and an introduction to today’s BKB championship activities with the current top-ten contenders lists.

From 1880 to 1920, the National Police Gazette was the leading boxing publication in the world. The Gazette, through its owner Richard K. Fox, also not only covered the last official bare-knuckle boxing championships to be held, but promoted them and served as one of the major organizers. The Gazette issued the championship belt to the winner. Today, the Police Gazette is once again at the forefront of the burgeoning BKB movement.

Note: The issue went to press right before the death of Kimbo Slice on June 6th and the subsequent postponement of the June 11th BKB event in Miami, FL. It was originally to be released at that event. But if you order now, you can receive it before the rescheduled event coming very soon!


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