Harbo & Samuelsen Day: Stein Hoff’s Latest Report

Today’s report from Atlantic Ocean rower Stein Hoff, who, at 70, hopes to become the oldest ever to row across an ocean—following in the path of the first ever to do so:

Day 23, Monday 6th June. On this day, 120 years ago, Georg Harbo, 30, and “Frank” (Gabriel) Samuelsen, 26, started their row towards Europe. Their boat was an 18.5-foot open fishing boat—a dory—similar to the boats they used when fishing and clamming off Sandy Hook. They flew the American flag and their boat was named “Fox” after their main sponsor, editor Richard K. Fox of “National Police Gazette.” Few thought they would survive, even fewer that they would succeed and become famous. But they did against all odds and made their first land-fall in Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly, after only 55 days! Last night turned out to be quite rough and wild and uncomfortable with a near gale from SSE. And heavy rain in the morning. But surprisingly warm, 19°C (66°F) in the shade and 17°C (63°F) in the sea. Saw two more Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish. Got the sea anchor in by 11:30, rowed a little, but almost impossible due to criss-crossing, large swells. The sea became more rowable later, but almost no progress due to current in SW direction. So after a full five days of not making any real progress due to a long list of different causes, I am starting to think that this place is bewitched!? Diana (Stein’s wife) says SW wind tomorrow. Should be good. And some east-going parts of the Gulf Stream cannot be far away, surely! I feel I deserve a good push in the right direction now!

The Police Gazette‘s first report of Harbo & Samuelsen’s successful voyage can be read here.

Stein_6-6Stein Hoff’s location on June 6th, after five days of adverse wind and currents.

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