Stein Hoff Ocean Row Day 7

Police Gazette-sponsored ocean rower Stein Hoff continues his journey across the Atlantic. At 70, he hopes to be the oldest ever to row an ocean. Here’s his report from last night: “7th day. At sea anchor last 2 hours as wind increased from SE and it started raining. Started rowing 5 am. After a while I stopped for breakfast, noticing a current against me… I managed a total of 7.5 hours actual rowing, not much farther east, but a lot better than had I done nothing. Last night at sunset a pod of dolphins came by next to me. More big whales also seen today, but at a distance. New birds seen today; gannets and fulmar. Lots of floating seaweed. A big lump got stuck in the rudder. So I had to do another ‘Jack in the box’ impersonation to get it off!” Stein has planned a minimum of 90 days for the voyage.

In 1896, the Police Gazette sponsored the first people, George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen, to ever row across an ocean. The pictures below are from Stein’s bon voyage party May 14th, and the next day accompanying him through New York Harbor.

HoffPartySmFrom left, Police Gazette publisher Steve Westlake, Stein’s New York organizer Victor Samuelsen, Stein Hoff, Ripley’s Believe It or Not vice president Ed Meyer.

SteveOnClipperSmPublisher Westlake aboard the clipper that accompanied Stein through New York Harbor.

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