Oldest Ocean Rower Sets Off!

Seventy-year-old Norwegian Stein Hoff is making history the Police Gazette way. In 1896 the Gazette sponsored Norwegian immigrants George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen, the first people ever to row across an ocean. They called their boat the “Fox” after Police Gazette owner Richard K. Fox. On May 15th, Stein Hoff–to honor fellow countrymen Harbo & Samuelsen–rowed his boat, the “Fox II,” out of New York Harbor and is attempting to not only row the Atlantic solo, but be the oldest person ever to do it.

HoffPGonBoatStein Hoff in New York Harbor. Note our Police Gazette sticker just below his solar panels.

After 120 years, the Police Gazette is there once again, offering a sponsorship–though somewhat smaller this time–and seeing him off in style. Current Gazette owner Steven Westlake attended and spoke at Stein’s bon voyage party at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in Manhattan Saturday evening and then boarded a clipper the next morning to accompany Stein as he rowed toward the Narrows.

HoffLibertyStein Hoff pauses to salute the Statue of Liberty as he rows out of New York Harbor.

Stein, who has rowed the Atlantic twice though never taking this more difficult Northern route, expects it will take him 90 days to reach England’s Scilly Isles, the same landing point Harbo & Samuelsen made in 1896. He is posting regular updates on Facebook at “Stein Hoff – Atlantic Row 2016.” And his progress is being tracked by satellite, which can be viewed at OceanRowing.com and YB Tracking.

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