Huetensil Releasing New Album March 3rd

Review of Black & White

Huetensil—aka Hugh Wygmans of Binghamton, NY—has been one of the hardest-working guys in the scene the last few years. And we’re happy to say he has the talent to go with the drive. Huetensil comes out with a full length album, Black & White, on March 3rd that is a delight from start to finish.

Hugh has vocal chops and style in spades; one of those singers who keeps surprising in a good way. And all of the songs on this album are well crafted, nicely balancing the various elements. It’s energetic without being too fancy; simple and straightforward without being boring; polished without being too slick. Hugh’s dynamic range holds up as well. Softer numbers, like “Simple,” are just as well crafted and enjoyable as the rest.

The songs are a mix of rock styles through the decades, but if your favorite hard rock/power pop comes from the early 70s through early 80s, then you’ll be especially pleased. Overall, the album makes great background music… and we mean that in the best possible way. Put on Black & White anyplace or in any situation and we challenge you to find someone who will look up and say “What is this crap?” This is music almost scientifically designed to appeal to a broad audience.

The Police Gazette highly recommends Black & White, which drops March 3, 2015, as a digital-only release. Find it at


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