Can This Stop Today?

This article replaces the one, titled “Worse Than Ferguson,” that had been in this spot since December 3rd. With the murders of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu yesterday, December 20th, we have much more that we could say on the subject. But at this point, a general observation will suffice. A dangerously significant breakdown of the institutions of law enforcement and the legal justice system is occurring in America. And when the public senses that their institutions’ leaders are corrupt or incompetent to the point where those institutions can or will no longer protect them, the public’s feelings of uncertainty and unease create a sense of groundlessness, that nothing can be relied on–and that counts everyone’s unease, from Al Sharpton to Ted Nugent. In this atmosphere, the public more and more turns to itself for protection, which will come as welcome news to those who yearn for a real-life Mad Max or return to the Wild West. But to the other civilized nations of the world, all we become is more and more a joke to laugh at or reason to shake one’s head in pity. In the 1870s and 80s, the Police Gazette made contemporaneous jokes about Wild West antics from the safety of our New York offices. But today the problem is becoming so pervasive, we may consider moving to England or France in order to continue the bemused commentary this construction of simpletons deserves.

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