The Police Gazette Endorses Rich David for Mayor of Binghamton

Only Candidate All Year Able to Pass 4th-Grade English?
If a person’s ability to do a good job as mayor is inversely related to the number of misspellings and grammatical errors in their campaign literature, then we have to give our endorsement to Rich David. This year’s campaign for Binghamton mayor has been an English teacher’s worst nightmare, leading one to assume that every candidate was born in a foreign country. Thus precluded from running for president of the United States, they chose mayor of Binghamton as the next best option. In the end, Rich David, who managed to at least keep any ELA errors above a 4th-grade level, gets our nod.

Rich David also being alternately lazy and a criminal, as mayor will only be able to find the time to siphon every last public dollar he can into his pockets and those of rich friends, leaving everyone else in the city to fend for themselves. But at least he’ll be good at something, which is more than we can say for anyone else in the race.


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