A Gang of Ghouls

GhostHillGroupSome of the cast and crew for the upcoming local film production The House on Ghost Hill Road at the wrap party last month. In the lower left is Doug Bush, the film’s writer/producer. To his left is art & special effects director Kendra Baker (Kendra won the best make-up special effects awards at the Buffalo Screams and Scare-A-Con film festivals for her work on last year’s Demon Messenger). To Kendra’s left is actor Andy Horowitz whose Galumpha dance group will be performing at the Anderson Center on November 2nd. Actor Brandon Rodriguez (2nd row from top, on the right) will be bringing his hoop dancing routine to the America’s Got Talent auditions in New York this month (wish him luck)! In the same row all the way to the left is actor and Police Gazette columnist Paul Juser. Police Gazette editor William A. Mays also stars in the movie, but is not pictured.

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