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       Aimee Louise Sword, a 35-year-old beauty from suburban Detroit, gave up her young son for adoption over 10 years ago. Then last year, she used the internet to search for the boy, then 15, and finding him, traveled to where he lived with his adoptive mother, befriended and then seduced him. They engaged in the most forbidden sex society has to offer, fully consummating their illicit passion. Visions of the teenager and his biological mother entwined in a heaving, sweaty lovers' embrace have coursed through the shocked minds of America's public since the news first broke on September 10th. That is the story as told by police and prosecutors in Waterford, Michigan. But is it true?
       Aimee Sword's daughter Kamii, for one, believes it is not. "I know for a fact my mom didn't do that," she said. "She is not that type of person. She is not that desperate." As Kamii and her siblings have been removed from their mother's custody, she added, "I love you, mom. And I will miss you...."
       Aimee Sword, finding herself unable to care for her young son, gave him up in an open adoption in the 1990s in which she knew who the adoptive parents would be. She knew where the boy's new home was, and kept in some limited contact with him over the years, all with the approval of the adoptive parents. But as the boy grew, he became troublesome. He was diagnosed as bipolar, began having run-ins with the law, and spent time in juvenile detention. In 2007, his adoptive parents went through a messy divorce, which seemed to negatively affect the boy further. He began threatening them and showing signs of going out of control. By the time he turned 15 last year, his social worker and adoptive mother had decided it might help to get his biological mother more involved in his life. At that point, with his social worker and adoptive mother's blessing, the boy and his natural mother contacted each other through her MySpace page, which she maintained under the name Aimee Pope. It was set up that they would have several meetings over the summer of 2008, during which she would try to provide the rambunctious youth with a stabilizing influence and encourage him and her other children, ranging from elementary to high school age, to bond as siblings. What else occurred during those meetings is unclear. But soon, the boy began threatening his natural mother as well, and a report found its way to Child Protective Services containing claims of a sexual relationship. CPS forwarded the report to police in Waterford in the fall of 2008 and, following an investigation, they issued a warrant for Aimee Sword's arrest this past April. The charge was third-degree criminal sexual conduct, which is sexual contact involving penetration with a person 13 to 15 years of age. Bond was set at $3,000, and Aimee was released after posting at least 10%. After the hearing on September 9th before Judge Phyllis C. McMillen in 51st District Court in Waterford, Aimee Sword's attorney Kenneth Burch said, "Anybody would be distraught, and she is because of the allegations she is faced with. She's meeting this head on."
       So, what happened? Did Aimee Sword's troubled teenage son, filled with anger, regret and revenge, make up a horrible lie about the mother who had given him up more than two thirds of his young life earlier? Or did the 35-year-old coquette and worldly teen boy finding his full flower, who had not connected as relatives for over 10 years, meet and find an even deeper connection and attraction that compelled them both, like Catherine and Heathcliff, into each other's arms and thus inescapably into the cauldron of an equally doomed love, the secret and forbidden details of which will remain forever behind closed doors?
September 23, 2009
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