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    At press time, the Police Gazette was attempting to confirm the rumors that Jose Carranza and his 15-year-old accomplices in the Newark NJ execution-style slayings of three college students were seeking to hire Steve Farese, Sr., the attorney for equally cold-blooded murderer Mary Winkler, who ended up serving a grand total of seven months in jail for her calculated execution of her husband.
    Carranza came into this country illegally from Peru and immediately began to commit crimes at will--sexual abuse of children, assault and battery, weapons possession--being arrested, indicted and released back out to the streets every time, laughing and surely, with good reason, thinking that this country would let him get away with anything. He took this lesson and two children with him into the schoolyard in Newark that night of August 4. What else was left for him to accomplish in his crime spree but murder? Like Hitler in Munich or Bush in Florida, society let the criminal monster have what he wanted, only to inevitably regret doing so only a short time down the road.
    Mary Winkler, the Tennessee minister's wife who
shot him in the back as he slept, is free and returning to her old job after serving a total of 210 days behind bars. It is not yet clear whether her attorney, Steve Farese, Sr., will accept the Carranza case. What is clear is that, based on past experience and observation, Carranza can expect to be visiting his old neighborhood in Newark relatively soon to finish his job.
New Jersey's Latest Legal Atrocity
Illegal Immigrant on Crime Spree as
Authorities Look the Other Way
August 15, 2007
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