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    Korey Rowe, producer of the 9/11 conspiracy video "Loose Change," was arrested July 23 at his home on Route 47 in Oneonta NY on the charge of desertion from the United States Army. Even though military deserters are rarely proactively pursued--3,301 deserted last year, a growing problem--the military warrant for Rowe's arrest was brought to the attention of the Oneonta Police Department by a concerned outside party that remained nameless. If the Police Gazette and its staff of crack investigators should turn up the name of the concerned party, we shall proudly publish it here and place it on the honor roll of those willing to do what is right regardless of public accolade.
    Otsego County Sheriff's deputies requested the warrant from Army officials at Fort Knox and, with the evidence in hand, stormed the Rowe house just before 11:00pm, carting away the public miscreant whose thirst for media notoriety destroyed both his facility for candor regarding issues of great public concern and his facility to keep promises, in this case the one he swore to the U.S. Army.
    The streets are filled with users, cheaters, six-time losers, all manner of human offscourings who shuffle along in their daily lives normally not being an annoyance to anyone outside of a 50-yard radius. But here we have a deserter and deluder with a movie-editing program, access to the Internet, and a manic craving to make it big. Rowe is being held without bail at the Otsego County jail pending his transfer to Army officials who, we hope, will know what to do with him.
"Loose Change" Maniac
Singled Out for Persecution
Police Gazette Applauds Witch Hunt Against
Media-Hungry Disinformation Peddler
July 26, 2007
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