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    Melanie McGuire, a 34-year-old wife, mother and fertility clinic nurse from New Jersey, was convicted in a New Brunswick courtroom April 23 of murder and desecration of a corpse. The victim: her husband William McGuire, an unsuspecting computer programmer with a gambling problem. The nurse first sedated her husband at their Woodbridge apartment using chloral hydrate, then shot him with a gun she had recently purchased. To dispose of the body, she severed the parts of her dead husband and carefully packed each one into three matching Kenneth Cole suitcases. She then transported the luggage to Chesapeake Bay where she threw it in and nonchalantly went about her business. But unbeknownst to her, the suitcases went across instead of out and soon became a horrific discovery for certain residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    Dr. Bradley Miller, the murderess's boss at the Morristown fertility clinic where they worked, has something heavy on his conscience tonight. Melanie and Dr. Miller had been engaged in an extramarital sexual affair at the time of the murder. Her goal of having a new life with the astute Dr. Miller, however, got washed up with her Kenneth Cole luggage. In an attempt to assuage his guilt the good doctor turned on Melanie and agreed to help police try to pin evidence on the amateur vivisectionist.
    The conjecture that William McGuire was murdered by loan sharks as a result of his inability to pay gambling debts was not enough to overshadow the mounting evidence against the unfaithful spouse. The fact that recent internet searches had been made from the McGuire home on "undetectable poisons" and "ways to kill people" did not help her case either.
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May 4, 2007
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