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    Mary Winkler, who shot her husband in the back while he was sleeping, will end up serving about a year or so in jail. The jury in her trial, composed of 10 women and 2 men, agreed with the poor waif that church pastor Matthew Winkler had it coming. After the verdict was read, Mary was released on bond and will be free until her sentencing on May 18.
    Trial observers surmised it was her tearful testimony that made all the difference. Jurors overlooked the scam in which she'd become enmeshed that destroyed the family finances and of which Matthew Winkler was about to become aware. Instead the jury was drawn to Mary's vivid and detailed descriptions of psychological, physical and sexual abuse that she endured from her husband, of being forced to watch pornography and then dress and act like the individuals she saw on Internet porn sites. This became the crux of the jury's deliberations and they pored over every aspect of it thoroughly. After composing themselves, jurors found their conscience would not allow them to put the poor woman through any more grief than they absolutely had to, finding Mary guilty of the relative parking ticket of voluntary manslaughter.
    At the close of the proceedings, our religious editor took the opportunity, while in the region, to gather with the faithful and worship at the most respected shrine in Memphis: Elvis Presley's home at Graceland. There he was buttonholed, accosted, then nearly assaulted by a drunk reporter from another news organ who claimed to have in his possession videotape of Mary Winkler in the compromising attitudes she described at her trial. We will have more on this story as it develops.
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May 2, 2007
For background on this story, see our article "Pastor's Wife Finally Snaps."
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