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       She probably would have chosen something else had she the chance, but when Chytoria Graham saw her rage- and hate-filled boyfriend bearing down on her, his eyes flashing with a terrible finality, she reached for the first thing she could find with which to defend herself. The terrified woman picked up her own infant son, not quite one month old, and grabbing him by the ankles swung him with all her might at her attacker. She scored a direct hit and it worked. The demented boyfriend ceased his pursuit, but the baby lay unconscious, his skull fractured.
       The incident shook the snoozy city of Erie, Pennsylvania. Chytoria Graham was subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangerment to a child's welfare. In view of the evidence, she had no choice but to plead guilty and acquiesce to the minimum five-year prison sentence the conviction carries. The official sentencing is scheduled for May 8. In the meantime, the baby has made a complete recovery and is now living with his grandparents. The boyfriend cannot be found.
Beats Attacker With Own Infant Son
Terrified of Her Boyfriend, She Picks Up the
First Thing That Comes to Hand
April 8, 2007
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