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      The young girl got on MySpace to find friends other than "Tom." But the friends she found made even Tom look good by comparison. There, waiting for her among the friend requests, was 22-year-old Sophie Soto and her 31-year-old husband Julio Rojas, who had created a MySpace profile in which Soto claimed she was a sexually inexperienced 18 year old, and would her new friend, she pleaded, please help her get past her nervousness over having sex with a boy. The girl agreed and, bringing a 14-year-old friend with her, traveled to Soto and Rojas' apartment at 46-20 104th St. in Corona, Queens NY. What happened to them next can be summed up in the words of District Attorney Richard Brown: "They were plied with liquor before being used to satisfy the defendants' own illicit carnal cravings." But this was only the beginning....
      Sophie Soto and the girl struck up a MySpace friendship in November 2006. For the next three months the two traded sexual messages, pictures, and phone calls. Soto even went so far as to encourage the 14 year old to run a way from home. Then on January 20, 2007 she did just that and, bringing her unsuspecting friend with her, they showed up at the second-floor apartment that Soto and Rojas had turned into an orgy palace. Soto had them take a shower before giving them alcohol and leading them into the bedroom where she sexually abused them both before being joined by Julio Rojas. More than twice the age of the two girls, he proceeded to have intercourse with all three. Then, after the adults had had their way with their prey, they all left the apartment for a strip club in Manhattan where the girls were given fake ID cards, continued to receive alcohol and were brought up on stage by Soto and another stripper. From there the scene descended into a public orgy in which the girls were made to have sex with the patrons of the club. For the next four months, Soto and Rojas continued to involve the girls in their sexual fantasies. The end finally came when the girls decided to tell their parents—a confession that came six months too late, for the damage had already been done. As District Attorney Brown said, the experiences "can well result in emotional trauma from which they may never recover."
      Now in jail on Rikers Island, Soto and Rojas have been charged in Queens Criminal Court with 56 counts involving statutory rape, sexual abuse, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child and endangering the welfare of a child. Soto turned on Rojas immediately, saying she did it for him. But was it worth it? We happen to know that Rikers Island is bereft of 14-year-old female sex toys and it appears the couple may—for a long time to come—be in places where the choice of sex partner is severely limited. For the girls, they may want to look for sympathetic friends on MySpace with whom to discuss their difficulties. But then again, perhaps not.
A MySpace Trap Sprung
February 17, 2008
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