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    A charge of aggravated indecent liberties with a child in connection with getting his then 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant is the least of Israel Mireles' problems as he sits in a Mexican jail awaiting extradition to the United States on the more serious charge of capital murder, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy in the bloody death of 18-year-old Emily Sander of El Dorado, Kansas. Sander, better known to internet porn mavens as Zoey Zane, met Mireles November 23rd in an El Dorado bar, the day after she revealed to her parents at Thanksgiving dinner that she had been leading a double life as an online sex entrepreneur. Sander went with Mireles back to his motel room where he defiled then murdered her in such a brutal fashion that dental records were needed to make a positive identification. Mireles then wrapped her body in the motel room's bedspread, carted the blood-dripping corpse into his car, and drove 50 miles east where he dumped her body off Highway 54 near Yates Center KS. Having disposed of his young victim, he continued on to Baxter Springs KS where he grabbed his pregnant girlfriend Victoria Martens, now 16, and the two of them sped on the 12-hour journey through Oklahoma and Texas to the Mexican border. Getting ever closer to the Rio Grande and freedom Mireles became nervous and ditched their rental car. He and Martens must have felt the fresh breeze of relief when they made it past the border checkpoint and into Mireles' native Mexico. Continuing another 65 miles into the country, they finally alighted in the city of Múzquiz.
    The fugitive felt safe, now melting into the life of the small, anonymous Mexican town. But forces were already at work to destroy the couple's hopes of long-term peace and safety. Witnesses had seen the Butler Community College student leave the bar with Mireles, and when she was reported missing and Mireles did not report to his job at an Italian restaurant, his boss led police to the motel room where he was known to have stayed. The horrific scene there left no doubt that something more than the usual motel clientele mischief had taken place. Mireles was a wanted man from that point, and six days later a tip led police to the body of the murdered Emily Sander. Suspecting that he was in Mexico, United States authorities contacted the Mexican government and police there located Mireles on December 3rd. Then began the negotiations. Mexican police would not move on Mireles until they received assurances from U.S. authorities that the death penalty would not be sought. Israel Mireles could get no more than life in prison without parole. With a deal struck, on December 19th police pounced.
    Mireles now sits in jail, awaiting transport to certain life in prison in the United States. Meanwhile, his 16-year-old paramour Victoria Martens, expecting their child next month, refuses her mother's pleas to return to her home in Kansas. Prosecutors plan no charges against her; she is free to go. But she had planned to marry Mireles and she wants to be with him. Her mother, Sandy Martens, lamented "She believes he's innocent of everything."
    Meanwhile, photos of "Zoey Zane" seem to have been removed from the websites where she appeared. She no longer inhabits the confines of and her own site,, was converted to a search/reward/capture-information site following her disappearance. Before her death, she was known for–in addition to the garden-variety nude poses–such imaginative setups as lesbian scenes featuring Emily with other women in Wizard of Oz costumes. She had recently signed a contract for more internet pornographic work and she finally told her parents on Thanksgiving Day what she had been doing. Her disapproving boyfriend broke up with her after he found out. But Emily showed no interest in quitting. Friend Nikki Watson explained "She enjoyed it. She is a young teenage girl, and she wanted to be in the movies. She needed the extra money."
A Teen Porn Star's Horrible Death
December 22, 2007
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The Brutal Murder of 18-Year-Old "Zoey
Zane" and Her Killer's Capture After
Desperate Flight to Mexico
His Pregnant 16-Year-Old Girlfriend Refuses to
Come Home to Heartached Mother in Kansas
Update: On March 31, 2010, Israel Mireles was formally sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Read the details here.