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        Lethal injection awaits Lisa Montgomery, the baby-sick butcher of Melvern, Kansas, who strangled acquaintance Bobbie Jo Stinnett into unconsciousness before hacking open her abdomen with a kitchen knife and removing the fetus of Stinnett's unborn baby. After having convicted Montgomery of the horrific act, the same jury on October 26th recommended death for the murderer who left the scene of carnage for the victim's own mother to discover. A traumatized Becky Harper—Stinnett's mother—called 911 and described the appalling scene. "It looks like she exploded," she cried.
       By December 2004, Bobbie Jo Stinnett and her husband Zeb of Skidmore, Missouri, a small town in the northwestern part of the state, were happily preparing for the birth of their daughter. They bought plastic tubs and filled them with baby clothes and blankets, as well as a baby monitor the couple used to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Little did they know that a woman they had met back in April of that year was about to change their lives forever. An interest in the Rat Terrier breed of dog led the Stinnetts that month to a dog show in Kansas were they met Lisa Montgomery for the first time. Montgomery, also an aficionado of the Rat Terrier, befriended Bobbie Jo. But Montgomery had a dark secret. She had lied to her ex-husband Carl Boman as well as to others around town, telling them she was pregnant. But with a contentious custody battle brewing between her and Boman over two of their four children, Montgomery feared that once found out he would use the lie against her in front of the judge. As Fall approached, a custody hearing was set for January 2005. Time was running out. Montgomery knew of Bobbie Jo's pregnancy and set up a fake online profile in order to ensnare her victim. She told Bobbie Jo online that she wished to come to her home and buy a Rat Terrier puppy. On December 16, 2004, Bobbie Jo Stinnett heard her doorbell ring for the last time. Once Montgomery was in the house, she threw a rope around the neck of Bobbie Jo, now eight months pregnant, and pulled with all her might. The mother-to-be fought for her life but felt herself slipping into unconsciousness. When the killer thought she had her prey subdued she grabbed a large, sharpened kitchen knife and thrust it into her victim's stomach. Bobbie Jo, clinging to life, continued to fight back. She and her attacker skidded and slipped through the pools of blood forming on the floor. Finally, she could fight no longer and Bobbie Jo Stinnett succumbed to the frenzy of her maniacal assailant. Lisa Montgomery then went to work, completing the incision into Bobbie Jo's abdomen. She had studied the procedure for Cesarean section and had planned what to do. She finished opening the womb of the dead mother and, seeing the living baby inside, removed the tiny girl and took the child with her. Bobbie Jo Stinnett was only 23 years old. Becky Harper later arrived at the home to find her daughter dead with "blood everywhere." By that time, Lisa Montgomery and her tiny living boodle were embarked on the 175-mile journey back to Melvern. Once there, she showed off the infant, claiming she had just given birth to this precious little girl. But suspicion and the authorities caught up with her less than 24 hours later and she was arrested.
       At trial, her defense team tried to convince the jury that she was insane at the moment she committed the murder. Observationally, that goes without saying. Lisa Montgomery is about as far from being sane as a moose is from being a squid. Legally, however, the jury wasn't buying it. The defense argued that Montgomery suffered from a rare disorder called pseudocyesis, which makes the sufferer believe that she is pregnant when she really is not. For good measure, the defense also piled on post-traumatic-stress disorder, based on Montgomery's mental, physical and sexual abuse that she endured as a child. The prosecution, however, refocused the jury away from psychological hypothesizing back to what actually happened: a person desperate to cover up a lie murdered an expectant mother. Officially, Lisa Montgomery was convicted of kidnapping resulting in death. Four days later, the same jury recommended the death penalty.
       As Montgomery approached Skidmore that day back in 2004, the sight of nearby village Conception, Missouri, must have been a cruel jab to her when she saw it, though not as cruel as the jab that now awaits her at a certain Federal penitentiary in the state of Indiana. And what a story the now three-year-old little girl will be able to tell when she gets older, the manner of her birth being so unique. The Club for Birth by Cesarean Section Performed by Deranged Killers with Pregnancy Issues is sure to have a combined membership of just one.
Fetus Robber Will Get the Needle
November 1, 2007
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How Lisa Montgomery Killed a Pregnant
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