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       "I've never come across such an atrocity." - Judge Vince Versaci
       "This ranks near the top of the all-time-despicable-crime list in Schenectady." - Police Lt. Brian Kilcullen
       "This stuff is just your worst nightmare." - Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III
       Funny Cide is not laughing. The daughter of one of the owners of the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness champion engaged in a night of drug and sex debauchery so crazed on October 1st in the upstate-New York city of Schenectady that it brought gasps from those who heard about it. Hearing that Wendy Knowlton Cook involved her children, one five years and the other two months old, brought shrieks of revulsion. Cook, the 37-year-old daughter of race-horse maven Jack Knowlton of Saratoga Springs NY, went on an all-night drug and prostitution binge, picking up strange men who paid her for oral sex and then spending the money on cocaine and crack—all while her young children were awake and witnessing everything. At one point, so desperate for her next bump, because she just couldn't wait any longer, she poured a quantity of cocaine onto her infant son's stomach, split it into lines and snorted it off of him as he lay in her lap suckling at the nipple of the mother he has been told by Mother Nature to trust with his life. The low degree of care for other human existence exhibited by the real addict requires the Kelvin scale to measure, for a heart that icy stops all warm and enlightening movement within its reach. It no longer comes as a surprise that Cook told a friend she was thinking of selling the children to get more money to buy drugs.
       At her court hearing the next day, a weeping Wendy Cook—finally feeling the too-late regret of the habitual user—was compelled to sign an order of protection stating she shall attempt no contact with the children whose lives she had put on an express train to the lowest depths of society. The two are now staying with relatives. Cook's bail has been set at $15,000 on the charges of prostitution, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment, a mundane description for one of the most singular cases ever brought to our notice.
The Schenectady Prostitute
October 4, 2007
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She Uses Breast-feeding Son to
Snort Cocaine Between Tricks
Is the Daughter of Owner of
Kentucky Derby Winner
Funny Cide