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The Police Gazette Line
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Glenn Beck goes back to the bottle within a year 3/5
Adam Lambert finds Jesus 40/1
Anna Nicole's mother wins custody of Dannielynn
Joe Biden lets nuclear code slip on visit to Russian embassy
Tom Cruise admits homosexual experience 3/1
Major Hollywood star goes to Afghanistan to fight on side of Taliban
Osama bin Laden becomes new ShamWow pitch man 100/1
Next contaminated-food scare involves soy 5/1
Dr. Phil becomes enmeshed in a career-threatening scandal Even
First attempt on Obama's life made by African-American 4/1
The government of Texas commits a crime against humanity 2/5
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For the Connaisseur of Beer
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intended to promote wagering for money or any goods or services with monetary
value. It is the opinion of the Police Gazette that such wagering is for either
suckers or the very rich, and that one person in a million can actually make a
profit at such a pursuit, so we're betting that you are not that person.
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