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Edgar Alexander Barrera, aka Edgar Alexander Barrera Mansilla, aka Alex Mansilla, is a criminal associate of Lester Alan Euell. Lester Euell has been using Edgar Barrera as a front for Euell's efforts relating to an obsession with the National Police Gazette. They claim they have been legitimate publishers/owners of the Police Gazette, which has never been true. Go here to see Lester Euell's criminal history. Meanwhile, here are some facts related to Edgar Barrera's history:

Edgar Barrera was born March 31, 1982, and lived mostly in Southern California—particularly Grand Terrace—before moving in with Lester Euell in Daytona Beach, Florida (Volusia County), around 2010.

Here is a partial list of Edgar Barrera's criminal history since moving to Volusia County:

  • June 2013, found guilty of Misdemeanor Reckless Driving

  • October 2015, pleaded no contest to Felony Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud; adjudication currently withheld

  • February 2016, found guilty of Misdemeanor Petit Theft (shoplifting)

  • July 2016, found guilty of Misdemeanor Reduced DUI to Reckless Driving

  • July 2016, found guilty again of Misdemeanor Petit Theft (shoplifting)

  • July 2016, found guilty of Misdemeanor Domestic Battery

Several other charges, including assaults, have been made and either dropped or combined into other cases.

From October 2015 to July 2016, Edgar Alexander Barrera spent over four months in Volusia County jail.

In November 2016, Volusia County filed a Violation of Probation against Barrera and ordered him to appear in court the following month. Barrera failed to appear, later providing a medical excuse. The hearing was reset to January, but again Barrera failed to appear, while the notice was returned in the mail unable to forward. On February 13, 2017, Barrera was located and arrested. He served four additional days in jail.

Edgar Barrera is currently being sued for $1,029.36 plus costs in Volusia County court by Portfolio Recovery Associates for failing to pay his Fingerhut credit card.

Both Barrera and
Lester Euell use a number of alternate names. Most common is the name "Alexander Patrick," which Barrera uses on his Facebook page.
Edgar Alexander Barrera
Lester Alan Euell mugshot February 19, 2016
Edgar Alexander Barrera Mansilla mugshot July 8, 2016