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September 12, 1896
Consulate of the United States of America.
                                                  Havre, France, August 12, 1896.
      Richard K. Fox, Esq., London—
Dear Sir: On the arrival of the rowboat, "Richard K. Fox," at this port, the two men, Harbo and Samuelson, reported to me in absolute destitution—without money or clothing—and I took the responsibility of providing them, in an economical manner, with the necessaries of life, on the faith of the statement of the men that the amount would no doubt be refunded by you, as the patron of the daring enterprise. I, therefore, beg to enclose herein copies of the several bills for your information and consideration.
      If the men had come upon the Consulate as destitute American seamen, regularly discharged from an American vessel, I should then have the authority to charge the government with the relief afforded, but as this is a unique case I do not feel authorized to charge the government with the expenditure, and shall have to pocket the loss, unless you are inclined to intervene.
      I have made a somewhat elaborate report to the government of the circumstances and facts connected with this wonderful feat, that adds another glory to the American name and flag, and have forwarded affidavits to establish beyond question the fact that the voyage was made in good faith and without the aid of any other propelling power than the strong arms and trusty oars of the audacious mariners.
      Hoping to hear from you at your convenience, I am, dear sir,     Yours very respectfully,
                                                   C.W. Chancellor, Consul.

      It is needless to say that the money advanced by the Hon. Consul was immediately sent him by Mr. Richard K. Fox. The POLICE GAZETTE and its proprietor's reputation for liberality in all that he is interested in are known the world over.
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This accurate transcript of an article from September 12, 1896, page 11 refers to the amazing feat accomplished by Harbo and Samuelsen, the first people ever to row across the Atlantic Ocean. See the full description here.