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November 21, 1885
       Some two years ago a smooth-faced individual came to Kansas City, Mo., and started a saloon, which was conducted successfully and returned the owner a handsome profit. Later, the same individual, who was known to the business men of Kansas City by the name of Frank Gray, opened a grocery at Seventh and Wyandotte streets, and soon secured a paying patronage. During this time, Frank Gray dealt largely in real estate, and the investments he made showed him to be possessor of great business tact. Recently, however, he became involved in a lawsuit and the sensational discovery was made that Frank Gray was a woman, named Mrs. Mary B. Wolcott. This revelation brought forth still others, and it is now learned that Mrs. Wolcott has done this masquerading as a man for fifteen years, and has a married daughter living in Kansas City. During her dual existence Mrs. Wolcott has smiled upon the ladies and transacted business like a man, but when she visited Columbus, Ohio, the home of Mrs. Wolcott, she went dressed in clothes becoming her sex. While she was in Kansas City, however, her disguise was so complete, her voice so masculine, that no one suspected that she was a woman. No reason is assigned for her peculiar action in thus disguising herself. The discovery was made through the medium of a divorce suit brought by a man named Green against his wife, on the ground that she was altogether too intimate with Gray.
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