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     What give people or anyone the right to terminate a life God has been giving to each one on the face of the earth. To each one, life has a meaning and each one of us has a path and purpose. People was created for a reason like any other living things, and each living has their purpose. What inspired me to write this memo by watching Lifetime TV movie, Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes and also some other stories have watch on Oprah Winfrey. Some of the stories was heartfelt, touching, and also angry toward criminals who have killed without any regard to human life especially to little children, defenseless little children and also elderly people no regard whatsoever. To people that like to kill, just remember God created people with a purpose and each one of us has a life to fulfilled by God. Every human life belong to God only and only him himself has the right to take life away when his/her life has been fulfilled. My life is in the hands of the Lord and my family and also the ones I come across. People have no right to take someone life whatsoever under any circumstantial. Lives belong to God.
     To the people that like to steal, rob banks the money that was put in the banks belong to people that work hard for their paycheck not yours. If you want money work for it. If the store you like to rob are not your mother’s and your father’s stores, I mean any stores, groceries, gas station, etc., are not yours leave their people business alone. Have a conscience.
     To people that like or take pleasure to hurt little child if you have any conscience whatsoever, stop. If you have any child your own don't hurt someone else’s children because what comes around goes around. People tend to hurt each other a lot without thinking about the consequences behind their action, because everything in life goes from generation to generation. If you do good in your lifetime it will passed along from your family to your little and generation to come. But if you do wrong to people what do you expect. People usually say God why me? Have you ever ask yourself what I have done to deserve such bad luck? Think hard.... You have a pattern of hurting human life and destroy people’s life. There’s nothing good that would come from that pattern from generation to generation. Most of the time people that do good less likely to say why me?
     Keep doing good things in life!
~Kulture Klash~
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      Our Culture Editor is also a criminal justice graduate student and has advice for anyone who's thinking about killing their wife, husband, children, family, etc., or for general assistance for knowing how to keep yourself secure in your own home. For a nominal fee of only $10, she will reply to personal questions with confidential responses. All proceeds and donations will be going to the Red Cross and the Smile Train! Write to, and put Culture Editor in the subject.
      The Police Gazette sent me to France for training. To be a culture editor you have to have top training. The Police Gazette has a high standard.
      I'm back and I have the latest advice for all the people out there. We are living in a crazy world where people love the knife, they love to steal, they love to go to people's house and steal, rob, and rape. This has got to stop and it's got to stop today! Whether you're inside or outside do not let yourself off guard. You need to secure your home from back door to front door, all the children's windows. And lay off the booze!
      A lot of people get killed in their homes because they let themselves off guard too many times, thinking the world they live in is a safe place. Believe me, it's not. You have to be on guard all the time. Just don't be paranoid!

       To the people out there, you should feel safe in your own home, and not be a victim in it. "I refuse to be a victim." That is what you should say to yourself. Anybody that comes or breaks into your home uninvited, this isn't Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why are you in my home? If someone broke into my home I guarantee him or her I will be the last one standing if you're thinking of hurting someone. Anyhow, man up to it. Don't be a chicken on the run. You were so tough when hurting somebody. Now you're not so tough anymore.
       Remember people out there, each individual life is precious. No one should rob me out of my prescious life. The day I was born it was a God given life to me. You come into my home uninvited, your life will not be so precious anymore, mine will be. I will be the last one standing. People out there, stay alert. Secure your castle, and stay safe. Remember, if you're thinking of breaking into a home, you're not Sidney Portier in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner."
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