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      Sixty-three year old Zheng Xiaoyu took every drop of the lethal injection while undoubtedly pondering either the horror of it all or, if a man given to ironic revery, the piercing poetic justice of a corrupt government official who approved deadly consumables for public use getting the ultimate dose in a flash of karmic reality not known in our own all-too-lenient and permissive country. Zheng was killed in a non-public execution, the nearly $1 million in bribes he took no use to a man taking his last breath. It could have been $1 trillion and would not have made one ounce of difference. Zheng was a selfish, dishonest Harry Lime disciple who got caught; though odds are 12 to 1 against his executioner being an old friend.
      Here, we must roll our eyes and proclaim to the Chinese, "Welcome to our world!" In the United States, one is unable to swing a dead cat without hitting a politician on the take. They start when they're young. From the fresh-faced college Democrats who chair anti-drug organizations while smoking enough marijuana and gulping down enough ecstasy to kill an elephant, to the barely out of high school Republicans who gleefully learn their first dirty trick at the elbow of their experienced elders, this country is run by an infestation of professional liars so entrenched in their ways it would take a divine plague to get rid of them all. Here, when one of the professional liars is caught damaging the nation, he is given a light sentence, which he knows will be reduced or eliminated altogether by friends in high places. The Chinese, on the other hand, traditionally in the forefront of innovative ideas, have figured out that not even the head of government can commute death back into life. We have looked down our list of U.S. presidents and find no mention of Victor Frankenstein as having been one of them.
      Half of everything in our country today is already imported from China. It's clear they will surpass us one day economically. It is now also clear they intend to pass us in the area of accountable government. At this rate, China will be the beacon -- as our country once was -- all look to for trusted guidance. If we import one new product from China, it must be their system of dealing with politicians who forget their service is to the country and not to the highest bidder.
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