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    The AWOL problem in America's military is getting worse. More and more servicemen are refusing to be redeployed to Iraq. They are, in effect, deserters. As such, they are refusing to perform the duties they swore to faithfully perform -- and are contractually obligated to perform since voluntarily signing on the dotted line. And that's what makes the problem even worse now than in past conflicts -- there is no conscription; citizens are joining the armed services of their own free will, and still deserting!
    This journal has, in past wars, published the names of deserters and will not hesitate to do so again. Those who willingly ask to be accepted into the armed forces certainly know that they are not joining a bridge club. They are giving their lives to Uncle Sam to do with as he will, up to and including being sent on lengthy tours of duty to faraway places where the inhabitants are trying to kill you. The fact that the current President of the United States is the head of a deadly crime organization is no excuse. President George W. Bush has officially murdered more Americans than all of the Al Queda terrorist acts combined. So what?! You voluntarily, knowingly, and proactively sought membership in an organization in which you agreed to allow the commander-in-chief, i.e., the president, to send you repeatedly into unspeakable horrors with a one in ten chance of being maimed or killed. It wouldn't matter if Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler were president; you signed a contract.
    Perhaps one day George W. Bush will be marched out of the White House in handcuffs and finally brought to justice. And if Judge Lynch were brought out of retirement to deal with him personally, this publication would produce no editorial opposing. But until that time comes, soldiers, DO YOUR DUTY!
Army Deserters Have No Excuse
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