Copyright 2007 by William A. Mays, Proprietor
Women, Arm Yourselves!
    The women of America suffer from an inferiority complex. There is in their minds the always present, innately understood fact that they are physically inferior to men. And men know this. For their part, men take this advantage as a given and occasionally some among them take the advantage too far. Male on female abuse takes many forms: date rape, spousal abuse, verbal intimidation with the threat of violence behind it, the slaughter of prostitutes by those who just can't get a grip on their natural physical superiority over women coupled with the female propensity to not be matter-of-course sex slaves...
    The answer to these stone-age concepts has been available to women for at least a fifth of a millennium now. That answer is called a pistol, a handgun, a sawed-off shotgun -- in other words, the great leveler, in the sense that the field is now level and women need no longer fear the physical intimidation of men.
    Women need to become range qualified and obtain their permits to conceal. Then and only then will those men among us who forget their responsibility toe the line.
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