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       "Confession" (and full-disclosure admission of wrongdoing, aka, "coming clean") is a timeless, conscience-cleansing, trust-generating, spiritual and ethical truth, as well as a mandate by our Creator (and intelligent, ethical and independent-thinking majority electorate political constituencies)! It is also only one half of the crucial and indispensable component of true integrity and character in all human beings, without which we mortals—regardless of our social status or our politics—are unworthy of the trust, respect and loyalty of our fellow humans. But remember it is only "one half of the equation."
       In  order for "confession and full disclosure" to be accepted and respected by our Creator (or by intelligent and intuitive political constituencies), admissions of wrongdoing, aka "coming clean," must be validated and followed up by "practicing what we preach" and by "looking in the mirror before pointing the finger!"
       Like millions of my fellow "non-ruling class" veteran constituents of both major Parties, I am fed up with the Bible Thumping, right-wing radical, predator creditor, corporate-crook Republican King Pins pointing their finger and pontificating about the deadbeats, welfare cheats and case-chasing, fraudulent-lawsuit industry trial lawyers in the Democrat Party.
       And like millions of my fellow "non-ruling class" veteran constituents of both major parties, I am also fed up with the finger pointing and pontificating deadbeats, welfare cheats and chasing-fraudulent-lawsuit industry trial lawyers in the Democrat Party who point their finger and pontificate about the Bible Thumping, right-wing radical, predator creditor, corporate crooks in the Republican Party.
       About the only "good thing" that I can say about the "point-the-finger-but-evade-the-mirror" hypocrites of both Parties is that both are telling "the whole truth, about each other," while they both refuse to look in the mirror, and tell the truth about themselves before pointing the finger. The ballot boxes of America are so "full of PAC money" from these despots of both major parties that there is "no room" for the ballots of millions of honest, law-abiding, hard-working or retired "non-ruling class  Americans." And that is exactly why millions of fed up and "think-for-themselves Americans" boycott the ballot box on what should be formally declared "Fraud on America Day."
       And last, but not least, that is also the major reason why we independent-thinking Americans so jealously and zealously protect and defend the 2nd Amendment.
       At this point in America's history, the 2nd Amendment seems to be the only effective "intimidator" in the hands of the majority electorate with the "deterrent Influence" to keep "Nose-Thumbing, PAC Money Powerhouse Politics" from "committing the unthinkable" and turning America's "Freedom for the Masses" into an impoverished "non-ruling class wasteland" in the wake of PAC Money Powerhouse Politics and the "behind closed doors" political debauchery, which has come to define American politics.
       Just a cursory glance at the 50 state Report Cards on "fox-guarding-the-chicken-house" attorney/judge accountability and discipline available through HALT, Inc. will give you an "inside glimpse" at the electorate-blindfolding, "spotlight-evading politics" of America's "Key Power Brokers" IN BOTH PAC MONEY POLITICS AND LAW. See the
Lawyer Discipline Report Card and the Judicial Accountability Report Card at

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By Police Gazette Poetry Editor Ivan L. Fail, USMC and FBOP, ret.